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Year 1

For your information regarding summer uniform.

We have been outside in the sunshine measuring using standard units of measure 📏

Happy Holidays!

We are very proud of the fantastic learning the children have done and the progress they have made this term, thank you for your support.  If you are celebrating Eid, we send you best wishes to you and your families.

Happy Easter and enjoy the break!


Easter egg hunt on the garden!

Wheelie Disco


For our token treat we had a wheelie disco on the playground. The children loved navigating the courses we set up whilst singing to music.


Yesterday the children enjoyed their first lesson using the gymnastics apparatus. They had the opportunity to explore all the stations and practise previously taught shapes, rolls and moves.

Celebrating Holi Festival during COOL time

Continuing our science learning all about plants during COOL time.

Wheelie Disco



On Wednesday 27th March we will be holding a 'Wheelie Disco' as a token treat for year one children. Your child is invited to bring to school their bike, scooter, buggy, roller blades, skateboard anything with wheels.  

We will have music and games on the playground during the disco.  Feel free to send helmets, knee pads etc if you have them.  

Robin class must put their 'wheels' in the bike shed on the Reception playground.

Goldfinch and Starling class must carefully bring their 'wheels' into school and they will be stored in our outdoor area. 



In Art with Fiona the children have studied three artists who draw pictures about Spring flowers.  These three artists were David Hockney, Brie Harrison and Brian de Graft.  Following this the children did observation drawings of fresh flowers, they copied Brian de Graft's painted flowers and then made 2D flowers into 3D flower pots.  They will be bringing them home soon for you to enjoy!

Outdoor Learning Sessions for Goldfinch Class

Goldfinch class will be starting four garden sessions beginning Tuesday 19th March. Please wear old/warm outdoor clothing with a waterproof coat.

British Science Week 11th - 15th March

Year 1 planned their own investigation based on the Great Science Share for Schools resources, with the theme the ‘Great Sports Share’.  The children came up with the question, “Do different surfaces affect how fast we run?”.  We then planned our investigation, made predictions, recorded our results and wrote our own conclusions. We are Scientists!


⚽️Let Girls Play!⚽️


On Friday 8th March we celebrated International women’s day and #LetGirlsPlay a nationwide event to promote the female game and to address inequality in the game. Most girls took part in a football session with Joe Quigley and had to count how many lionesses they could find in school.

If you are interested in attending football session try Football Fun Factory

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Enjoying the KS1 PTA Disco

Enjoying the PTA Disco

World Book Day - Sharing our favourite stories

World Book Day - 7th March

Please remember to bring in your favourite book to share with children in your class.  We will spend time talking about our favourite stories!

Goldfinches Class Assembly

Robins trip with GRIP Adventure 6.3.24

Robin class have their trip with GRIP Adventure this Wednesday 28th February. Children will need a packed lunch - no fizzy drinks, cans or glass bottles please. They will also need warm, outdoor clothing with a waterproof coat with hood.

We will enjoy a ride on a barge and put our mapping skills to test, alongside lots of other exciting activities.

We have started learning all about plants in Year 1 science! We have loved grouping the fruits and vegetables depending on which part of a plant they come from.

Robins have loved building their teamwork skills during outdoor learning sessions over the last few weeks!


Please don't forget to bring library books back in every Monday so your child can get a new one.

Thank you. 

Goldfinches trip with GRIP Adventure 28.02.24

Goldfinch class have their trip with GRIP Adventure this Wednesday 28th February. Children will need a packed lunch - no fizzy drinks, cans or glass bottles please. They will also need warm, outdoor clothing with a waterproof coat with hood.

We will enjoy a ride on a barge and put our mapping skills to test, alongside lots of other exciting activities.

Tuesday Outdoor Learning

Robin are currently taking part in Tuesday outdoor learning sessions.  Robin's last one is on the 12th March.  Goldfinch will then begin their sessions on 19th March.

Starling Grip Adventure Trip Wednesday 21st February 2024


Starling are on their Grip Adventure trip tomorrow.  Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch in a disposable bag and they come in appropriate clothing.

We will be adventuring on a narrow boat on the canal and exploring different mapping activities in the cave linked to our geography topic. 

We are looking forward to it.  Thank you for your continued support. 

Goldfinches Class Assembly - Wednesday 6th March at 2.30pm

The children have been sent home with words to learn for our assembly today.  All children who are narrators will need to wear purple/green/gold (a combination or just one colour) own clothes or party clothes, which they can wear to school on the day to save getting changed in school.  If your child has a fairytale character part, please do not buy a costume, we will try and provide one from school or borrow from another child or class.

Half Term

We break up from school for one week on Friday 9th February until Monday 19th February.  The children have worked hard and stepped up their learning this half term - we are very proud of them.  Please enjoy a safe, happy and restful half term.


After half term, Robin Class will begin the outdoor learning sessions once again on Tuesdays.  Please wear warm/old clothes suitable for outdoors.


To our families celebrating Lunar New Year this weekend, enjoy the festivities and Kung Hei Fat Choi! There are a number of activities organised in Manchester over the weekend to celebrate Lunar New Year, please see the link below.


Best wishes,


The Year 1 Team


We used the printing we did with Fiona to create an owl collage. Mrs Spencer gifted our school wooden owls when she left. We studied Mrs Spencer as our significant person in History.

Music with Mr Bordman. Enjoying playing our new chime bars- thank you to the PTA. Reading music, playing together with chime bars, egg shakers and rhythm sticks. Amazing year 1.

History in Year 1. Finding out about a significant person in history and their role and responsibilities. Lots of fantastic independent learning. Lots of practising our writing skills too.

More learning in Year 1. Red words, capacity...

Outdoor learning for Starlings. Making dens and floating boats! Lots of teamwork and rainy days in the last couple of weeks.

Year 1 Library Time

All children in Year 1 have visited the school library ‘World of Words’ with Mrs Carroll today and have brought a book home. Mondays will be our library day. Please send your child’s library book into school each Monday in their book bag.  Due to the time constraints of our busy timetable, we will be unable to change your child’s book on a different day.

Goldfinches Class Assembly - Wednesday 6th March at 2.30pm

We will start to practise soon and will send home words, etc. to learn.

History - comparing the old and new parts of the school



The homework sheet was to encourage children to talk about their own personal timeline.  The sheet itself is quite small for writing on - please do not feel you have to complete the writing on the sheet, use pictures, photos.  You could even create a bigger one and make your own.    See the examples below.  



Take a photo and send it to

Thank you for your continued support. 

Starling Class Assembly

Starling class assembly is on Wednesday 24th January at 2.30pm.  Please arrive before 2.30pm via the playground, latecomers cannot be admitted. 

Please send children to school in blue and green clothes on Wednesday, not their usual school uniform.  There are two children who are wearing different clothes but we have spoken to their parents.  

Learning about Holi in R.E.

Winter fun! Exploring the snow during our outdoor learning session!

What is special about our school? Exploring a visual timeline in history of our school. Finding out about our history. Did you know Springfield Primary School is 117 years old!

Music with Mr Boardman. We enjoyed class music sessions on Monday. We will we doing music with Mr Bordman every Monday.

In Year 1 we learn all about the seasons! To help us observe the changes we have been creating calendars showing how a tree changes each season.

Starling class

Our class assembly is at 2.30pm on Wednesday 24th January. Please learn your words off by heart so we can continue practising, use the link below to practise the song too. 

Many Thanks!

In Maths we have been learning to read, write and recognise numbers 11-20. We practised writing our numbers in a variety of ways.

Starling class back in our outdoor learning sessions. Loving den making and playing on the garden and in our outdoor kitchen.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  2024!!  Here we go...

Reminders for Week 1.


Starling class have Outdoor Learning session every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks from tomorrow.  Pleas send your children into school in their own outdoor clothing and appropriate footwear for the weather. Thank you. 


P.E. days continue to be Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please come in wearing PE kit unless told otherwise. 


Reading books are back in book bags.  Read, read, read to build confidence and fluency when reading.  Thank you. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your support in your child's first term in Year 1.  Thank you for all your kind words, cards and gifts - they are much appreciated!

Have a happy and restful holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2024!

The Year 1 Team


Watching puppet shows and finding out about puppet making in Year 2.

Starlings Token Treat

For Starlings token treat we took all the children’s ideas and had a really fun morning. We played sporty Christmas games in the hall using ideas from ‘Trafford’s Ten Days of Christmas’ had a game of football then following a vote we watched ‘Highway Rat’ whilst eating some yummy treats.
Merry Christmas!

Reindeer races

Still image for this video

D & T - evaluating books with moving parts

Year 1 Christmas Party - Wednesday 20th December

Please send your child into school in their party clothes on this day.

Santa Dash - Friday 15th December

Year 1 children will be taking part in a Santa Dash on Friday 15th during the school day, using the running track in school.  Children may wear a Santa hat or Christmas headband!

Enjoying The Waterside Theatre trip.

We are so proud of the children’s performances over the past two day, we hope you enjoyed watching ‘Angel Express’!

Design Technology

In DT we have looked at different Christmas cards and the designs on them. We also looked at cards and books with moving parts.
We then practised making a simple slider that moves up and down and side to side. We also practised and made a lever using a split pin.

Using all this as inspiration we designed on recyclable paper a Christmas card with a lever or a slider.
We then made our Christmas card.

Below is a sneaky peek for you…

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Starlings took part in a Christmas craft session this week with Fiona and her team. Goldfinch and Robins will have a session too.

Amazing Crazy Hair for donations for the Christmas Fair!

Christmas Markets

Robins had a great time making popcorn on the fire during their outdoor learning session today!

Animals Take Over!
Year 1 had a fabulous visit from Lyndsey and her animal friends from ‘Animals Take Over’. We met at least one animal from each of the animal groups we had learned about in our animal classification in Science.  We  got to ask and answer lots of questions and got to touch or hold the animals! The children showed their knowledge of what they had learned very well!