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The composition of the Board of Governors is set out below.


Following the reconstitution of the Board in July 2019, we have 13 Governors. This allows us to bring together a strong and focused Board, with the necessary skills, experience and passion for Springfield to support the school in its expansion to the 3-form entry across all year groups.




Declaration of Interest

Governor Type

Appointed byTerm of Office Start Date

Term of office end date

Mrs Alison Chard

None declared - 18/09/2023

Head teacher



Ms Marzita Abdul-Rahman

None declared - 8/11/2022




Mrs Maria Anna Di Donna






Mr Gareth Holly (Chair of Governors)Employee of KPMG LLP - 18/09/2023ParentParents26.11.2126.11.2025
Miss Jenny BeddowNone declared - 20/9/02022StaffStaff Election01.12.2030.11.24
Dr Clara CheungNone declared - 18/09/2023ParentParents11.05.2110.05.25
Mr Tony MartinNone declared - 1/3/2022Co-optedBoard29.11.2129.11.25
Mrs Jo GrayOneEducation employee - declared 18/09/2023Co-optedBoard27.06.2227.06.26
Mr Glenn ReesDirector of Grip Adventure and owner of "Bobby" the School's Pet Therapy dog - declared 27 Mar 2023Co-optedBoard27.03.2327.03.27
Mr Simon Landi Co-optedBoard20.11.202320.11.2027
Cllr Zak DeakinElected CouncillorNominee LA    
VACANT Co-opted   
VACANT Co-opted   


Past Governors 


NameOfficeTypeAppointed byTerm of office start dateTerm of office ends
Lesley Dowdall Co-optedBoard23.09.201923.09.2023
Jenny Sykes Co-optedBoard 20.03.201924.02.2023
Cllr Mike FreemanChairLABoard20.03.201924.02.2023
Tracey Sutton Co-optedBoard 01/09/2022
Suzannah SuttonChairCo-optedBoard 4.10.19
Rev Barbara Sharp Co-optedBoard23.03.20March 2021
Lee Egerton ParentParent Election04.01.1604.01.20
Jennie Brown StaffStaff Election09.11.1609.11.20
Amy Pritchard Co-optedBoard23.03.2023.11.20
Anrdew Rainford ParentParent Election06.12.1606.12.20
Clare Bruce  ParentParent Election24.02.2023.02.24
Thomas Debost ParentParent Election01.11.1731.10.21


Our Board meets four times a year, once as an Annual General Meeting in October and three times as normal business meetings. The AGM deals with procedural matters: review of the committee remits and their membership, agreement to financial delegations and review of our code of conduct. The business meetings focus on progressing strategic matters, including discussion of a termly report from the Head teacher. We also consider reports from Trafford such as admissions, SLAs and government guidance. Much of our day-to-day business is delegated to the individual Committees, which allows governors to discuss and analyse trends, policies, issues and developments in more detail. These are reported formally to the full Board via their minutes.


To support our work, we have an annual meeting of the Chair, Vice Chair, the Committee Chairs and Mrs Chard to discuss progress, areas for improvement and succession planning. This discussion feed into the annual Governor Action Plan, approved at the AGM. The Chair and head teacher also meet formally once a month to retain a high-level overview of developments across School and Governor Committees.


As Governors, we are actively involved in the school outside the Committees and the Board. We have a long-standing tradition of link governors, governor involvement in working parties and participation in many, if not all, school events. We also report back to the wider school community via the Monthly Mention, the School Newsletter.  


All Governors’ personal profiles are on the School website as part of the dedicated governor section.




At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together