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Science Ambassadors - 29.02.24

The Science Ambassadors met to discuss the plans for the forthcoming British Science Week.  We are going to follow the Great Sports Share created for the Great Science Share for Schools with children thinking of and investigating their own questions.

The Great Science Share - starting points

Science Ambassadors - 8.02.2024

The final judging panel for the Royal Society Book Prize. We had a great debate and chose our finalist carefully!

Have a look at our video book reviews…

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Science Ambassadors Meeting - more reviewing of books for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize!



Our Science Ambassadors met to discuss being a judging panel for the Royal Society primary science book awards. We looked at the books we were sent and talked about which year groups they were most suited to. The children agreed a system of taking books home to read and review and then rotate around the other science ambassadors. We will then collate all our views and submit our results in February. We couldn’t wait to start reading them!


Our new Science Ambassadors met for the first time and discussed their role:

- to champion science as a subject with their classes

- to support the teacher in completing the Science floor book

- to help develop and look after the class ‘investigation station’

Introducing...our 2023-2024 Science Ambassadors

We are very proud to have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark - GILT! The Science Ambassadors played a key role in gathering the evidence and helping to implement improvements in Science across school.

Science Ambassadors meeting 12th January 2023

Science Ambassadors from years 2-6 met with Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki for a meeting. We looked through our class floor books and talked about how to use the scientific enquiry posters and stickers.  We also talked about British Science week coming up and our plans to look at how science is linked to different jobs.

Science Ambassador Meeting 
Our Year 2 and 6 Science Ambassadors met with Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki to talk about the Science topics they have been learning about. We could all remember what we had learned in other year groups to help us with our current learning.  We also looked through our Science floor books and had some time to fill them in. 

Science Ambassadors Meeting

Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki (our Science subject leaders) welcomed the new Science Ambassadors and explained their role:


  • To promote Science as a subject within their class and across school
  • To look after and help complete the Science floor books
  • To help the teacher in developing and looking after the class investigation station

All the ambassadors were very excited to get started in their role and could tell Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki information about the exciting learning that has been taking place in their class Science lessons this half term!

Our new KS2 Science Ambassadors


Some fun activities for you all to do while at home with the family.  


The CarbonFootprint Hero resources are available on

Science Ambassadors Meeting 


The Science Ambassadors met with Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki.  The focus of the meeting was to discuss the new posters to show the five areas of scientific enquiry using colour-coded posters. The Science Ambassadors were given the job to go back to their classes and explain the posters to the class. 


Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki also explained how the children should be looking and trying to identify which scientific enquiry strand they are using when they carry out their science investigations.  They had a practice, looking at some samples of work and colour-coding them to the enquiry strand.


The Science Ambassadors are going to begin to colour-code the work in the Science floor books using the posters to help.




Science Ambassadors 2019/2020


Meet our new Science Ambassadors - we are all very keen to get talking about Science with our classmates and teachers!



We met and had our first meeting to discuss our role and tasks to carry out with our classes.  Our three main jobs are:


  • To promote the love of Science and Scientific Enquiry with our class and across the school
  • To help the class teacher look after the floor book - adding information about scientific enquiry, including how we did things and what we found out.
  • To help set up and look after 'investigation stations' in our classes


Mrs Slonecki and Mrs Betts (the Science Subject Leaders) talked about different examples of investigation stations and how they can develop pupil's thinking skills.  The Science Ambassadors from each year group shared the learning in each of the topics they have studied last half term and some Year Five and Six pupils had already typed up the learning and recorded it in the floor book.  All the children were very excited to talk about Science and represent Science for school.  Two children said that they have relatives who are scientists and asked if we could have some scientists to visit school.  Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki said that this could be arranged.


For the next meeting we need to bring our class floor book and print outs of write-ups we have done on investigations.

Eco Council - Springfield Greens

Meet The Eco Team

Raising Awareness

A massive well done goes to Mia Brocklehurst, Elizabeth Kingsley Rowe, Amelia Pearson and Isobel Bolton for using your spare time to create this poster to spread awareness of environmental challenges. What a a fantastic way to show that you support and care and can work together as a team.

ECO Minutes


Reducing our carbon footprint - An ECO Mission

With the support of Paarth Bhatnagar‘s dad from Year 5 Hubble his company EPAM Systems Inc. we were able to acquire 20 trees to plant in our garden to help reduce our carbon footprint. 

The eco team came ready and willing with their wellington boots and eagerness to make a difference. They helped to plant the trees around the garden and the volunteers from EPAM and additional parent volunteers praised the eco teams efforts and behaviour. The eco reps and volunteers were very proud to be part of this mini eco project and for their part in leaving a lasting legacy of trees, which they will watch grow as long as they are in school and beyond.


Well done Eco Team.

Children's Voice at Springfield!

The most important thing about Springfield is the people in it. Our children play a vital role in how they learn, the feedback they give each other and how our school is run. In every class and every year group, children are given responsibilities. This can be for something personal to them, an area of the classroom, representing their class, year group or even the school.

At Springfield we have several School Councils, where children are elected to represent their class and help with the effective running of an aspect of school life.

Please read below to learn about our different school councils and our prefects find out about how they make the wheels of Springfield turn!

Springfield Voice - Our School Council

VOICE Council Meeting 5.3.20

School Parliament

On a cold November Monday, the Year 5 and 6 members of our ‘Springfield Voice’ school council took part in a Pupil Parliament day at Newall Green Primary School. The day started with Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe/Sale East and ex-Springfield teacher, who explained what happens in the House of Commons and how MPs vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on different issues by physically going to stand in different rooms – they also only have seven minutes to vote!.

This year’s Pupil Parliament focus is sustainability and how we can reduce our school’s carbon footprint. We filled in an environmental review which showed us that we are doing lots of positive things to protect the environment, such as recycling, using sustainable transport and healthy living, but there is still more that we could do. We created a mind map of ideas and were challenged to try and start doing one of them before the next meeting in spring. We are really excited about our ideas and will hopefully be joining together with Springfield’s Eco Council to talk about them as soon as possible. Watch this space!

Springfield FLASH (Fit, Lively, Active, Safe and Healthy)
Online Safety Officers
Springfield's Online Safety Officers held their first meeting. We all introduced ourselves and which class we are from. Everyone already had an amazing knowledge about how to stay safe online. We took our initial ideas back to our classes to create a pledge - a set of guidelines to help Springfielders stay safe online! Have a look below!
Spanish Ambassadores



Somos los embajadores españoles de Springfield.


Nuestra Misión

Introducir mas español a todos

Aumentar el español hablado por el colegio

Organizar juegos al patio

Enseñar el colegio a entender mas del mundo hispanoblante 


Our Mission

To introduce more Spanish 

To enhance Spanish spoken across the school

To organise Spanish playground games

To teach our school to understand more about the Spanish-speaking world


Our Roles

We meet every term to discuss ways to enhance Spanish learning across our school. Sometimes we have so many ideas that we run out of time! We have recently distributed some resources across the school to make Spanish learning more fun. We have now been tasked with asking our classes for feedback on their ideas on how to increase make Spanish learning even better. Watch this space for our results...

Science Ambassadors

Springfield Science Ambassadors

The Science Ambassadors are representatives chosen by their classmates to be able to talk about and promote Science in our school.  They attend Science Ambassador meetings, where the Science Subject Leaders (Mrs Betts and Mrs Slonecki) talk to them about how they can help to make Science an important subject in school.  The Science Ambassadors have the following jobs as part of their role:

  • To encourage their classmates to be passionate about Science (explore, investigate, ask questions)
  • To write up what learning has happened in their Science topic for the school website
  • To help their teacher complete the class floor book
  • To help set up and look after the ‘Investigation Station’
  • To be able to talk about the Science learning in our school

Read what happens in our meetings...


We look to our Y6 as role models, to live out the Springfield values in everything they do.

At the beginning of the year, every Y6 child is given the opportunity to stand for the role of prefect. They present to their class on why they would make a good prefect. There are always far too many excellent candidates - so the children think very carefully about what they have seen and heard from each candidate and vote for the person they think would do the best job.


Here are our prefects!

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together