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Passionate Protectors - Eco School

Welcome to our ECO page, here you will find out about all the learning and activities going on at Springfield to help us become more and more sustainable each year. First of all however, please meet our Eco Council. Here they are, hard at work, sorting pens for our recycling point.

Y6: Luca, Lucas, Mya

Y5: Emma, Shreya, Alex 

Y4: Avanish, Tara, Erfan

Y3: Evie, Molly, Weiwei

Y2: William, Martin, Jonah

Y1: George, Jessica, Evan

Throughout the year, all year groups study topics which have an environmental focus. And each year teachers are aiming to build more and more of this learning into the curriculum. Here are Y4 learning about and making bug hotels, the importance of clearing laurels to help the forest floor regenerate and taking part in vegetarian week.

Year 5 are taking part in the Climate Change project with Tom (from CCAC), in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The children have produced their own sustainable towns and cities for the future working together with their peers and coming up with some amazing ideas. They also managed to get outside and appreciate and evaluate others' work like real landscape designers!

Here are our amazing Y6 eco-reps launching eco-week to all the pupils in the school. In one week they have done three assemblies to different year groups, explaining the importance of eco week, and the different activities each year group is taking part in. Top work Luca, Lucas and Mya!

We are 'Passionate Protectors of the Environment' we have had such a great week, with all year groups learning about how to be more eco friendly, sustainable and the importance of why we need to be!

This year for the first time in 3 years, the Y6 Charity Day took place and we loved it! All groups had to create something which would raise money but not create lots of waste. All the money raised is going to #TeamSeas a charity dedicated to removing plastic from our oceans.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together