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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

At Springfield we use Ruth Miskin's "Read Write Inc" phonics scheme. Please use the link below to find out more about it!

Maths Curriculum

At Springfield we use the "I Can Do Maths" mental maths scheme to support our teaching of the primary maths curriculum.

The TASC Curriculum

Our History, Geography, Art and Design Technology curriculum at

Springfield is organised to engage the children as active learners,

developing their knowledge, subject skills as well as their self confidence

and self esteem. The TASC approach is designed to make learning

relevant, exciting and stimulating. It enables our pupils to ask questions,

seek answers, present their findings and evaluate their learning.

What is TASC?

Thinking Actively in a Social Context. TASC is a universal, inclusive, and wellproven

framework for teaching, problem-solving and thinking skills. Developed

by Belle Wallace (from 1980 ff.), the TASC Framework is in line with what

neuroscience tells us about how the brain works, and, consequently, how all

children (and adults!) learn.

Why does Springfield use TASC?

· It promotes inclusive learning

· · Delivers the Every Child Matters government agenda

· Expands and improve provision for Gifted and Talented pupils

· Inspires creativity and develops cross-curricular problem-solving

· Improves Assessment for Learning

TASC provides teachers with a framework that supports pupil thinking and

creative problem-solving. It also creates confident, creative, independent

learners. It is not another initiative. It can be used to structure the work the

children are doing to help children achieve.

Does TASC work with all children?

TASC works across all subjects, ages and cultures and is gender neutral. TASC

gives less able children a framework for their thinking and allows gifted

children to ‘fly’. It has been used to help under-achieving schools turn

themselves round, works with pupils of all ages from Nursery children to ALevel

students and adult learners.

What are the principles of using TASC?

The principles of TASC are the principles of good learning:

· We think best when we are relaxed, reflective and working with our hands.

Many of us like to share our thinking but we may sometimes want to develop

an idea on our own.

· Thinking is not a linear process. Expert thinkers are flexible and resilient,

so you can jump from segment to segment of the TASC Wheel, miss stages

out, revisit previous segments or work in a different order.

· You are allowed to think whatever you want, so you can’t be wrong. You may

wish to rethink as you go, refining and adapting ideas. You may use other

people’s ideas and piggy-back your own thinking onto them.

TASC Wheel

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together