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Geography helps us make sense of the fast-changing world that we live in. Through geography we unravel the mystery of people, places and environments.

Geography is about our world past, present and future. From EYFS to Year 6, the Springfield launchpads help guide and develop our learners growing understanding of the world by: comparing locations; investigating; researching different sources; writing and talking about places; asking and answering questions.



Geography is all about asking questions. Here are some key questions to spark a little awe and wonder about the world we inhabit.

Who am I? What’s my story? How do I connect to people and places in the world?

What is this place called? Where is this place? How does it connect and compare to other places? What kind of features does it have? How and why is it changing?

How is the landscape changing and why? How can places be mapped?

                                      What kinds of jobs and activities can people do in different places?

How do people damage and sustain environments? How can we help?

                            What could/should the world be like in the future? What can we do to influence change?

Primary Geography National Curriculum

Springfield Geography Policy (Reviewed September 2021)

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