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Year 3

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Still image for this video

2022/23 Animals including humans

Summer term - investigating friction as part of our Forces and Magnets topic.

Spring term: Rocks - we have learned how rocks are formed and have investigated the properties of different rocks by carrying our tests for permeability, density and hardness. We even used an acid to test for animal remains!

Spring term - Science Week March 2022 - investigating reflective surfaces. We used a special App on the iPads which measured reflected light off a variety of surfaces to discover which surfaces are the most reflective. We recorded our results, used our maths skills to calculate the average result for each material and then analysed our results.

Autumn Term: Animals Including Humans - children learned about different types of skeletons,; the bones and joints that make up the human skeleton; muscles and how they work; nutrients that humans and other animals need to survive and stay healthy along with learning the stages of growth a human goes through in their lifetime.

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