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Year 3

Developing sketching techniques and using stencils and chalks to make Stonehenge images.

Creating portraits inspired by the work of Manchester born artist, Stanley Chow.

Painting L.S. Lowry figures using watercolours.

Usinge different media to achieve variations in line, texture, tone, colour, shape and pattern. Children experimented with acetate and tissue paper to create self portraits in the Pop Art style of Andy Warhol.

Exploring the roles and purposes of artists, craftspeople and designers working in different times and cultures - Pablo Picasso and Cubism.

Experimenting with different materials to make 3D sculptures of Ancient Egyptian canopic jars.

Using salt dough and then clay to create Ancient British Beaker pots using the thumb, coil or slab method.

Exploring colour and mixed media to create Stonehenge Silhouettes

Working with our Art Specialist to create Stone Age Cave Paintings

Creating Manchester mosaics by focusing on pattern, colour and painting skills.

The process to Manchester Bee Printing

Printing our Manchester Bees

Exploring Egypt and making Egyptian Collars

Sugar Skull Paper and Pattern Challenge

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together