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Writing Targets this term:


MUST - Write simple sentences that can be read by themselves and others.  These sentences must be punctuated with full stops, capital letters and finger gaps.


SHOULD - Extend sentences using words such as 'and, also, because'.  Children should also be beginning to spell  red words correctly in their writing. 


COULD - Select language for effect.  For example, adjectives, alliteration, description - 'the greedy, green, gremlin'.


Writing is something we are focusing on throughout school this year.  


Please encourage your child to write at home: Shopping lists, birthday cards, postcards, letters, secret messages, map making, treasure hunts, books, labelling.  Try to choose a task your child will enjoy and write for a purpose.  E.g. 'I need your help to write a shopping list'.


Please remember letter formation when you are encouraging your child to write.  Where your child starts each letter has an impact on their formation.  Also encourage them to sit their letters on the line and write from left to right.  Read Write Inc letter formation can be found below.


There are also more suggested writing challenges you could try at home.


Thank you for your continued support. 

Speed sound charts to help select the correct sound when writing.


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