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¡Hola y bienvenidos a Spanish@Springfield!


At Springfield Primary School, we are extremely passionate about sharing and learning languages.  Did you know that approximately 30% of our children speak another language other than English?  From EYFS through to Year 6 we love learning the Spanish language and understanding more about the culture of the Hispanic world. 

Learning a second language has many benefits: it boosts problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills, as well as improving memory, concentration and the ability to multitask.  It can also help to enhance creativity and mental flexibility.

We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated Spanish teachers who have been visiting Spain over the past few years to develop and improve their own language skills, courtesy of the British Council Erasmus+ Funding.

Spanish learning at Springfield is fun!


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¡Hasta la proxima! 

Meet Maria and Carlos, our Spanish speaking puppets who help us with our language learning.

If you enjoy Spanish lessons, have a look at some of these websites for ideas on how to learn more.

Year 6 - The children were given a Spanish text to read. They had to identify familiar vocabulary and then work out what type of text it was. They all succeeded in discovering that it was a weather forecast. Can you work out what weather was predicted for each day?

Year 6 - Children studied the recipe for the Spanish dessert Flan de Caramelo and learned the ingredients and method in Spanish. As a treat, they got to taste this dessert and then explain whether they liked it or not. I think they quite enjoyed it!

Year 5 - Building sentences

Embajadores españoles de 2018-2019

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Bienvenidos a los nuevos Embajadores españoles de Springfield. Armed with ideas, the new "equipo" of Spanish Ambassdors are raring to go and help develop and support Spanish across the School.

We had our first meeting on Thursday 8th November 2018 where we discussed:
- How to say the register in each class. We have three options "Sí, presente or buenos días/buenas tardes
- Ideas to develop Spanish at Springfield
- Playground games

Los Embajadores Españoles de Springfield 2018-2019

Piedra, Papel, Tijeras

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Piedra, Papel, Tijeras

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Secondary School Taster Session

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Santander Success!

During the Whit break, a group of 8 Springfield teachers went on a course in Santander to learn Spanish (or build upon existing skills) and explore the culture. It was a fantastic week jam-packed full of lessons, activities and few extra-curricular expeditions. From learning to Flamenco to hiking to trying new and wonderful food, the whole experience have left teachers with an eagerness to take their new learning back into the classroom.


We were also fortunate enough to form a link with an amazing school in Santander - Colegio Calasanz ( ) As seen from the photos, we had a wonderful morning at the school, making new friends with Spanish colleagues. Many thanks to Mario Pianno (Year 3 teacher, and languages coordinator) who organised the whole experience. We all had the opportunity to teach or take part in a lesson, and were amazed by the high level of English spoken. We finished our experience with a meeting with the "Directora" Violeta Landeras to discuss possible ways of linking our schools together in future partnerships. Needless to say, we are all very excited about building the next steps. Watch this space for further updates...

Springfield in Spain!


Miss Torrance is delighted at the number of keen Spanish supporters, who have applied for a position as “un Embajador Espaňol” (Spanish Ambassador). We now have the very difficult task of selecting our “equipo”. Watch this space, selections to be announced before half term…

Spanish Playground Games: Toma Tomate

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Ms Tomlinson has been teaching some exciting new playground games - in Spanish! Do you recognise the tune?

Spanish Playground Games: Toma Tomate

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Los Chicos de Sexto estan aprendiendo del tiempo

¿Qué tiempo hace?

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¿Qué tiempo hace?

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At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together