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Year 5

Dear Parents/Carers & Children,

Welcome to Year 5!

Please keep checking this page, as we will continue to update the site with key information and photos. Please email us on  if you have questions. 

All our very best,

Miss Torrance, Miss Beddow, Mrs Bonser and Mrs Cutteridge

PE Days

These are the UPDATED PE days for Summer 2:

Newton and Hubble: Thursday & Friday

Hawking: Thursday and Friday (Friday is still swimming)

We will advise when this changes as there will be various sporting sessions and events throughout the term. 

Big Science Share! Year 5 and 6 had a great time talking to each other about working scientifically. Prior to the share, both year groups had carried out the same experiments so were able to discuss findings and discuss successes and difficulties together. Year 6 had created some fabulous informative posters to show to the Year 5s! Together we are a team!

Science - During our 'properties of materials' topic, the children have enjoyed investigating which substances are soluble or insoluble and investigating the most effective ways of separating mixtures using filtering or sieving. They have used the science enquiry strands of 'observing over time' and 'comparative and fair testing'.

In science today, Hubble have been working together to create information posters about the life cycles of a variety of different mammals. They used research skills and were awarded 2 blue tokens for demonstrating the school value 'together we are a team'

In preparation for our sponsored walk, we have been using Digimaps to map out our route and think about some of the human features and physical features that we will spot on our journey.

This week, Year 5 began their Climate Change project with Tom (from CCAC). The children produced their own sustainable towns and cities for the future in collaboration with their peers and came up with some amazing ideas. They then managed to get outside and appreciate and evaluate others' work like real landscape designers!!

During Science week, we tried to think of ways to reduce our food miles using a light meter app to answer the question, 'Do the number of layers of plastic affect how much light can travel through?'

Today, Mr Maloney from MGL taught Hubble how to design and edit 3D Space models using the Purple Mash '2Design and Create' feature and programme a model of the Solar System using Scratch.

Year 5 had a brilliant day creating their own unique self-portraits for the annual Stockport Grammar School Art Competition.

World Book Day - the children have had a fun filled afternoon of activities sorting anagrams, competing in a book related quiz and creating book marks to celebrate World Book Day.

Europe projects - what an INCREDIBLE effort all of the children (and families!) have put in to their Europe projects. The children have loved sharing information about their chosen countries and have learnt lots from one another!

Hawking and Hubble absolutely LOVED using the brand new gymnastics equipment in the hall this week!

Five Newton LOVED their extra 22mins play for collecting over £22.22 (actually £24.24) on 22.2.22. Well done and a big thanks to those at home who helped out!

Today, Mr Maloney from MGL taught Hawking how to design and edit 3D Space models and programme the Solar System using scratch.

Art - in Hubble we have been looking at the artist Bridget Riley and have created some of our own optical illusions inspired by her!

In science, we have started our learning about space. This week we started learning about the solar system and the children had to find out information from one another by asking scientific questions.

Well done Maia for this wonderful poem, which you were inspired to write after seeing the smoke billowing from Manchester factories. Inspiration for us all to act!

Year 5 have been creating sculptures using clay today in their art lesson. They thoroughly enjoyed creating chess pieces inspired by Lewis Chessmen from Viking times!

Five Newton are REALLY enjoying their Friday swimming sessions. Keep up the fantastic strokes Y5!

Year 5 are lucky enough to have a fabulous specialist dance teacher on Monday's this half term and they thoroughly enjoyed their first session!

Year 5 have worked hard and had great fun creating some fabulous Christmas crafts today! Excellent teamwork was shown as the children helped each other to complete their Christmas hat decorations!

What a fabulous Christmas party - filled with fun, laughter, dancing and treats!

Y5 met Olympian and 3rd most capped England rugby star, Katy Daley-McClean today!

In computing lessons this week, Year 5 are using '2Calculate' on Purple Mash to learn all about spreadsheets. They have practiced inputting data and creating formulas to help them plan an imaginary party for their friends!

Who was the best Anglo Saxon King? Year 5 had great fun deciding who they believed was the best king, made a poster explaining why and used their excellent speaking and listening skills during a class debate! Some children were so persuasive, they changed others' opinions before a final vote!

Author/book recommendations - the children had a discussion about some of their favourite authors and why they like them. I thought this may be useful to share as it may inspire other children to try out some new authors!

Welcome to the SPS History Channel! Here are Hubble's short documentaries about the Viking invasion. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

IMG_1655.MOV (1) (1).mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

IMG_1662.MOV (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Year 5 have been having an amazing time becoming historians! They have been using iPads and books to carry out research in order to create a short document based around an enquiry question to do with the Viking invasion!

The enquiry questions include:

-Why did the Vikings want to invade Britain?

-How much fear did the Viking raids cause?

-Were the Vikings all bad?

They have been building the skills of carrying out historical enquiry and using sources as evidence.


DRIP Film about Climate change starring voices by Springfield Year 5 Children!

Awe. That's what Dr Kathryn Adamson felt when she heard the drip, drip, drip of melting arctic glaciers. The Drip project has used this experience to bring climate change science to young people in Greater Manchester through science-and-art sessions in which Year @Springfield had a leading role! Do you recognise the voices?

 Click on this link to watch this amazing film, and emotional plea. 



Hubble absolutely LOVED heading out to Sale High School to participate in the Trafford Sports Hall Athletics competition! They showed incredible teamwork and I was so proud to see them representing Springfield so fantastically! Together we are a team!

A great effort making Autumnal cups for the PTA raffle Year 5!

Science - Hubble were using the science enquiry strand 'Comparative and Fair Testing' by designing and creating a range of boats using foil. We tested different shapes to see which boats travelled through the water more quickly - this showed that there was less water resistance acting on the boat. We found out that the most streamlined boats were the fastest! The children worked amazingly well in teams demonstrating our 'Together we are a team' school value!

Lots of fun learning how to play rugby with the professionals - Sale Sharks!

Five Newton had a brilliant few days preparing and delivering debates - you are all experts in debating and was wonderful to hear you tackle some very important motions (with some surprising voting results).