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Year 5

Who Was Greater?

We have learned about the reign of King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan as Anglo-Saxon Kings. We did a debate with our arguments for who was greater! Who do you think was Greater?

Hubble enjoying their fantastic Friday board games!

Caitlin's Anglo-Saxon Goddess

The Anglo-Saxons were Pagan (meaning they worshipped many Gods) and we created our own gods and goddesses based on the real Gods that the Anglo-Saxons worshipped. Many of the gods had their own symbols and animals to represent them. Here is Caitlin's goddess 'Grettle' - the goddess of Nature!

When The Vikings Came

We have created our own timelines to show the events in Britain during the time period of the Vikings. The Vikings arrived in 787 AD until they were defeated during the Battle of Hastings in 1066!

Comic Creators!


This half term in their Fantastic Friday sessions, Newton have been planning and creating their very own Superhero comics! They are getting very creative and letting their imaginations flow - we can't wait to see their finished pieces!

Every week, on Worldly Wednesdays, we stretch our minds beyond the classroom to think globally. This week Five Newton thought really carefully about what one thing they would change about the world to make it a better place.

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Together we are a Team! Well done to Dan and Mrs Walker who were Newton's Stars of the Day for their excellent team work.

An important message from Daniel Alves-Rodrigues to support anti-bullying week. What a great analogy!

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Who was the greater Anglo-Saxon King?

King Alfred The Great OR King Athelstan?


In Hubble, we have been debating who the greatest Anglo-Saxon king was. After weighing up both sides of the argument, the overall majority voted for King Athelstan who was the first king to rule over the whole of England.

Water Resistance

Five Newton had a lot of fun investigating water resistance. We found out that objects that are more streamlined, travel through water faster than less streamline-shaped objects. 


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Fantastic Friday - Modern Art!

In Hawking, we have been looking at modern styles of Art during Fantastic Friday, particularly Picasso's cubism. Here we are in action creating our Picasso-inspired cubism portraits! Stay tuned for the finished result!

Quiz Time!

We created quizzes based on our learning about the Anglo-Saxon Gods. These were in the style of quiz cards, crosswords or general quiz questions. We had fun testing our friends on their learning!

Year Five are really enjoying their time in the computing suite, learning how to plan a party budget using spreadsheet.

Hubble in their pajamas supporting Children In Need!

R.E. - Our Mission Statements


This week in RE the children have been learning about mission statements - identifying religious mission statements and reflecting on what they tell us about specific religious figures and faiths. We then applied this to our very own Springfield mission statement and discussed the ways in which we all put this in to 'action'. To finish off the lesson, the children reflected on their own mission statements - words which help them in their daily life and showcase their own talents and personalities. Take a look at some of our Year 5 mission statements below!

Testing Water Resistance


This week Hubble have been investigating the effects of water resistance. We created a number of different shapes using blutac to test in water to see how quickly it sank to the bottom. They discovered the the smoother the shapes surface and the narrower the point travelling downwards, the more streamlined it would be - therefore minimising the impact of water resistance! The wider, flatter shapes took longer to sink because of the increased effect of water resistance. The children worked brilliantly in their groups, logging their results in a shared table. Well done Hubble!

Following Instructions


The children are working on instruction writing during their English lessons and enjoyed using a set of instructions to create a lotus flower using paper! They were first given a poor set of instructions which was very difficult to follow, they then tried again with a high quality set of instructions which was much clearer! This highlighted to the children the importance of making their own instructions clear and cohesive.

Anglo-Saxon Homework Projects

Year 5 have been working really hard at home on their Anglo-Saxon projects, showing a fantastic effort to complete a wide range of activities. It looks like everyone had lots of fun in the process. We had a great morning showing them all to each other, learning lots more about the Anglo-Saxons. Many thanks to everyone at home for their support with these projects. Please enjoy looking through the photos of our presentations.

Pop Art


Adding a 'POP' of colour into the classroom. Hubble and Newton have absolutely loved completing their own pop art with inspiration taken particularly from Roy Litcheinstein's comic book style. The children studied the colour wheel before completing these, learning all about primary, secondary and tertiary colours as well as complimentary colours (often used in this style of art).

Black History Month


As a year group, we have been looking at the importance of Black history Month, which takes place every year in the UK in October, and learning all about inspirational and Influential black people from Britain and all over the world. We also discussed the importance of including diversity in all areas of the curriculum all year round as well as during Black History Month.

Graffiti Maths


Miss Beddow's maths group have been very enthusiastic graffiti artists whilst working together to answer place value and addition and subtraction problems - what fabulous teamwork skills !which resulted in some blue tokens being earned!

Autumnal Cups!

Praise Certificates


A huge well done to the children who received praise certificates this week!




Fantastic Friday Board Games!


There has been plenty of teamwork happening in Hawking this half term with our 'Board Game' Fantastic Friday. The children have been using their chess skills from Y4, as well as their English skills, to challenge each other in games of chess and scrabble!

Celebrating Differences!


In PSHE, Hubble have been discussing and celebrating all our amazing differences and unique qualities. The World would be extremely boring if we were all the same!

A huge well done to the children who received praise certificates this week. Your hardworking, caring nature doesn't go a miss!




Testing Water Resistance


This week Hawking have been investigating the effects of water resistance. Beginning with a prediction, Hawking used their knowledge of water resistance and streamlining in order to create four different shapes to test in water. They discovered the the smoother the shapes surface, the more streamlined it would be - therefore minimising the impact of water resistance! The children worked brilliantly in their groups, logging their results in a shared table. Well done Hawking!

Testing Friction


Hubble have been busy testing the friction of different surfaces in the classroom. We then discussed how results could be presented in different ways such as in a results table and in a bar chart.

Graffiti Maths!

Picasso Inspired Portraits!

Anglo-Saxon Artefacts!


This week in our History lessons Year 5 have been studying and analysing Anglo-Saxon artefacts! We discussed as a class the differences between archaeology and historian roles in order to 'dig up' and discover the past. Using their evaluative skills, alongside our understanding of Anglo-Saxon life, the children then began considering the possible uses of each of our artefacts through careful discussion of our Historian questions:


1. What do you think the object is for?

2. Who do you think would have used it?

3. Where was the object found or originally came from?

4. What is it made of?

5. What can it teach us about Anglo-Saxon life?

6. Any other observations?

Some of the artefacts we studied

Hawking take on the role of Historians!

Hubble take on the role of Historians!

Investigating Friction


This week Newton have been focusing on the force of Friction - considering its effect on different materials and surfaces. The children conducted their own experiment in to friction - thinking carefully about variables within their tests - using surfaces around their classroom. They then logged their results within a graph - evaluating their findings in relation to what they had learnt about friction. After careful consideration, and plenty of teamwork, the children found that the smoother the surface, the less friction. Take a look at their experiments and findings below!

Investigating Air Resistance


We made our own parachutes to test the effects of air resistance. Some teams chose to use different materials, different shapes or different sizes. We found that the larger the parachute, the more air resistance it has. Similarly, when testing different materials, we found that materials with more air inside them (bubble wrap) had more air resistance compared to those with less air (such as card). We showed great teamwork skills!

Hubble - Parachute Investigation!

Newton Investigate Air Resistance!

Anglo-Saxon Village Life!


Here are some fabulously illustrated Anglo-Saxon villages! The children worked so hard to develop their drawing skills at the same time as learning more about how the Anglo-Saxons lived.

Anglo-Saxon Village Life!

Can you summarise the story using emojis?


We summarised our myth Thor Regains His Hammer using only emojis! Take a look at some of them below.



The children in Year 5 have loved exploring their new text in English which is the Norse Myth 'Thor Regains His Hammer'. Whilst getting to know the story some of them put themselves into the shoes of Thor and Thryme (the ice giant) and answered questions prepared by the rest of the class!

Anglo-Saxon Place Names


Today the year group has been looking at the meanings behind different place names in the UK that have an Anglo-Saxon origin.
Did you know that 'Oxford' means 'river crossing for oxen'?

Comic Book Club - Fantastic Friday!


During Fantastic Friday, Hubble have been using their incredibly creative minds to come up with heroic characters as well as evil villains in their own imaginative 'school for super heroes'! 

Fantastic Forces!


In Science, the children have been learning all about forces - types of forces, how these impact on people and objects and how to identify forces in action. The children ended their lesson by creating their own picture diagrams highlighting the effect different forces can have.

Hubble have been having lots of active 'brain breaks' with some 5-a-day!

Keeping Active with our Daily Mile!

Art in Year 5


"A line is a dot that went for a walk." - Paul Klee...


In their Art lesson this week, Year 5 have been taking inspiration from Paul Klee and taking a line for a walk. The patterns they created were then filled with colour, patterns and images which represented the children! We have seen some beautifully detailed and vivid pieces of art being created and the Year 5 team are impressed by the level of creativity already being shown by the children - well done Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5! What a fantastic first few days we have had together. We have been so impressed with the attitude, patience and resilience the children have shown whilst getting used to the new Springfield ways. It has been delightful to meet you all, and we are all looking forward to a brilliant year ahead.


Please keep checking this page, as we will soon be updating with key information and photos.


Have a lovely weekend!

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together