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Year 4 21/22

Thank you

To all our Year 4 families. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful cards, gifts and messages. We hope you have a fantastic time over the summer holidays. Best wishes, the Year 4 team.



Year 4 had a very successful Sports Day! There was an amazing display of sporting skills as the children competed in different events, cheering each other on and having lots of fun in the process! The children were later awarded their medals for their winning performances.

Year 4 had an enormous amount of fun at Springfest! They enjoyed visiting different stalls and stands, won prizes and had a festival disco on the school field!

As part of our Passionate Protectors of the Environment week in school, Year 4 went into the local community and did some litter picking along the canal. We walked to Sale Water Park continuing our litter picking mission, recognising different wildlife and plants and had chance to use our learning to identify some features of the River Mersey while we were there!

4 Bishops have been working on their gymnastics skills during PE lessons. They used different apparatus and equipment, working independently and as part of a team to develop their movement, strength and contol.

As part of our Raging Rivers topic, Year 4 have used their knowledge of rivers to create these fantastic 3D river models out of different resources including play dough, tissue paper and natural resources found in our school garden.

We have had a brilliant day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee today. We have enjoyed lots of different activities, including learning about the Queen over her 70 years on the throne and looking at different artists who have painted very different style portraits of the Queen over the years. We then created our own portraits of the Queen using chalk and paint and straws. We also decorated our own party bags before celebrating with a whole school picnic and sing song in the garden!

4 Bishops have been working on their dance skills and techniques with their dance teacher in PE this week!

We ended the half term by making our very own ear defenders! At home, children researched the best materials to use to block out sound and designed their ear defenders. They made their ear defenders in school, using the best materials for the purpose. They then carried out fair testing to see if they would be effective at blocking out sound at a rock concert!

Years 3 & 4 had a fantastic time at the PTA school disco on Thursday! They danced, sang along to their favourite songs and visited the tuck shop!

This week, Year 4 have continued investigating sound, including making ear trumpets! They explored how they work and tested them out!

In Science, we have been investigating pitch. We made our predictions and ensured we were carrying out a fair test. We then filled water bottles with different amounts of liquid. We discovered that the bottles with more air made a lower pitch sound and the bottles with less air made a higher pitch sound.

For National Vegetarian Week this week, Year 4 made their very own vegetarian pies with Cook School. We used our ingredients and carefully followed the step by step recipe and worked together to make delicious pies! They smelt incredible!

4 Rooks & 4 Bishops have been looking at manmade and natural textures in Sketching. This week, we explored environmental patterns by creating our own leaf rubbings. We added detail and colour to make them look even more fantastic!

4 Rooks have loved using the different apparatus in their gymnastics lessons, including our brand new frame. They have been working hard on their strength, agility and balance.

As part of our English lessons, we have been practising our debating skills. We used our learning and knowledge of plastic usage to discuss the pros and cons. Both sides of the argument made excellent points!

As part of our new Science topic, we have been investigating how sound is made through vibration by the use of different instruments. We found that sound travels faster in solids than in liquids, and faster in liquids than in gases! This is because the particles in solids are denser than the particles in liquids, so sound can pass through a solid more easily.

Year 4 have had a fantastic first week back! We all enjoyed our trip to Chester where we furthered our learning and knowledge about the Romans. We heard all about the history of Chester, how the Romans lived and looked at ancient Roman ruins. We visited the Roman amphitheatre, marched through the streets of Chester and practised our Roman army formations!

4 Knights have been learning all about gymnastics in their PE lessons. They have been working hard on their balancing and their agility.

We had the most amazing time on our residential at Castle Head. From team games, making bug hotels and cutting down laurel using special tools and equipment to den building, making fires using fire strikers and toasting bread and marshmallows over the fire. We used brilliant team work, problem solving skills and challenged ourselves to try new things!

The Year 4 children have worked together to create their own water cycles, which we have left in direct sunlight. We are watching how the water evaporates and condenses into tiny droplets. This shows us how in nature, evaporated water vapour goes into the atmosphere and how clouds are formed.

For British Science week, we had a whole day of being scientists! We started to understand about climate change and global warming and talked about how we can reduce global warming, including reflecting sunlight into space so it doesn't heat up the planet. We conducted an experiment to test which materials are best at reflecting light. We collected our results, analysed our data to reach conclusions and evaluated our experiment.

In Science, we have been experimenting with condensation in different ways. We looked at water vapour from a kettle, which caused condensation on a window pane, our breath on a mirror and a glass of ice water where the condensation had collected on the outside.

4 Knights and 4 Rooks have been working on their sketching skills this week. They have been learning about one point perspective drawings and all about the vanishing point, lines of perspective and the horizon line.

Year 4 have excelled themselves this week! They researched what the Romans did for fun and where they would go as part of their homework and used adventurous materials to create these 3D models. Some children challenged themselves even further with edible Colosseums and real water features!

Year 4 Knights were very excited to try out the fantastic new gymnastics equipment in their PE lesson!

We have had lots of fun for World Book Day! Children chose a book character that they would most like to have a dinner party with or made their own poems or raps about a hero or a villain from their favourite books!

This week, the Year 4 children have been investigating how water evaporates. We looked at how wet materials dried on a washing line through the day, how a puddle of water changed shape over time and how the temperature affected this.

This week, Year 4 have really brought the Romans to life! The children have been working together and using their drama and role play skills to interview Julius Caeser! Head over to the Year 4 Teams page to watch the full videos!

This week, we removed our liquids from the freezer to observe our final results. We found that salted water and hand gel has a lower melting/freezing point than water because they did not freeze. We also found that vinegar has a higher freezing/melting point than water as it was completely frozen!

4 Rooks were lucky enough to have their session with Mr Maloney to create their very own Roman animations! They researched and created backgrounds as part of their homework projects, designed their story boards and took a series of photos which we then put together to create our animations! Head over to the Teams page to watch all the super animation videos we created!

We also set up our experiment to find what will happen to different liquids when they freeze. We poured the different liquids into an ice cube tray and left them in the freezer. We predicted what might happen to the different liquids when they freeze.

4 Knights have been using their teamwork skills and their drama skills this week to create different Roman formations. We used our whiteboards as shields and interlocked them to form a protective shell!

In Science, we have been investigating the mass of gas! We weighed a flat fizzy drink and a drink with carbon dioxide, which causes the fizz in fizzy drinks! We found that the drink with the fizz was heavier than the drink without the fizz. We now know that gas has a mass!

We have started our new Science topic of States of Matter and after learning about the molecules in each state, we headed out to the playground to represent them using our bodies! You can see the gasses are really spread out and are able to move very freely!

Knights have been working hard to create their very own Roman animations! They researched and created backgrounds, designed their story boards and took a series of photos which we then put together to create our animations! Head over to the Teams page to watch all the super animation videos we created!

This week, Year 4 used different objects made of different materials to investigate whether they were conductors or insulators.

Year 4 have started working on their new Science topic of Electricity. This week we have been building circuits and adding different components and cells. We also made our own switches and predicted what would happen when more components were added.

Happy Christmas to all our Year 4 families. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful cards and gifts and we hope you have a fantastic time over the holidays. Best wishes, the Year 4 team.

The elf in 4 Knights has been very naughty over the past couple of weeks.....

Year 4 had a wonderful celebration of all of our Greek learning! Children showed their baking and creative skills and we ended the day with a Greek feast!

Our crazy children made lots of effort for Crazy Hair Day and had lots of fun completing a Santa Dash to see if as a school, we could run enough laps to reach the North Pole!

Year 4 celebrated Diwali this week. We were lucky enough to enjoy some childrens' presentations and we also created some impressive mandalas!

Some of the Y4 children were lucky enough to take part in the Sports Festival this week. They challenged themselves and had great fun!

Year 4 have been working very hard on their Sketching skills this week and have created these fantastic feathers using the backwards and forwards drawing technique!

Please find a helpful Parent Guide to TTRockstars below. This document helps to explain what the different game modes are, how the game can be altered to match your child's level of challenge, as well as some helpful troubleshooting tips. We hope you find it useful.

As we approach Parents Evening, we often get asked for advice on how to inspire and encourage reluctant readers. Please find some helpful tips in the pictures below for how to help support a love of reading.

Year 4 had a brilliant time with Grip Adventure! We took part in bushcraft, archery, cooked popcorn over the fire, map-reading and even had a trip on a narrow boat!

Year 4 have finished their eggshell enquiry as part of their Science into what effects different liquids have on our teeth. We used eggshells to represent teeth, made sure it was a fair test and observed the jars over time. We were shocked by the final results!

A big well done to these superstars!

A fantastic effort from Year 4 with their Autumnal cups for the PTA raffle!

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed using their knowledge of Ancient Greece to create their own amphoras. The children designed their Greek amphoras, thinking about colour and shape. They then painted their designs and allowed them to dry before carefully etching them. Take a look at our fantastic amphoras below...

Happy Diwali to all those who celebrated this wonderful festival! In Year 4, we were incredibly fortunate to have a number of children who led presentations about Diwali, what it celebrates and means to them. Thank you for your amazing contributions! We look forward to celebrating other meaningful festivals throughout the year.

A very big well done to these children who were praised this week!

What a fabulous start to the Autumn 2 Half Term! The children used their knowledge about teeth, what they look like and their uses; to make their very own collaborative set of human teeth out of play dough. What super sculptors you all are!

Well done to these children who received praise certificates this week!

Knights have thoroughly enjoyed honing their gymnastics skills in PE this half term! They focused on developing their flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. They even showcased their new skills in a paired routine challenge! You really challenged yourself to work well as a team Year 4! Well done!

Year 4 had great fun working collaboratively to learn about and compare events from the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games in History! Well done Year 4!

A very big well done to the children who were praised this week!

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Ancient Greecian Pottery was unearthed in the playground of Springfield Primary by Year 4! The children will be using this astounding find as inspiration for their Newspaper articles in English this week!

Learning chess is always a highlight in Year 4. The children love to learn about strategy and logic with Mr Dainty.

A very big well done to these superstars!

It is wonderful to be back in the swing of P.E. with our fabulous coaches on a Wednesday. Here we are engaging in Multisports during a break in the rainy weather!

Year 4 developing their drawing skills by focusing on line, pattern and colour in Sketching!

Year 4 have loved using Google Earth, maps and atlases to research more about modern and Ancient Greece in Geography. The children recapped prior knowledge about the continents, oceans, poles and equator and then progressed onto comparing the physical and human features of modern and Ancient Greece, as well as discussing how these features compared with the United Kingdom.

Research using Secondary Resources: Animals Including Humans

Using technology to conduct research using secondary sources, provided the children with the perfect opportunity to use their Computing Skills. They thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves to use various websites and safe search engines to find out more about human and animal digestive systems in Science. Way to work as a team Year 4!

A huge well done to the children who were praised this week!

What a fantastic start to the term Year 4 has had! The children have had great fun exploring their new Science topic, Animals including Humans, where they used everyday objects to recreate the human digestive system. Through utilising their fantastic collaborative skills, the children enjoyed exploring how food is digested in the human body. This enabled them to get an up close look into what happens in each of the digestive organs and understand how excretion occurs. This investigation provided an exciting hook for their new Science topic as well as enabling them to gain extensive knowledge.

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