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Year 3

2021-2022  Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Check this page regularly for homework updates and finding out what we've been up to in school.

We are so happy to be back! In our first week, as well as learning all our new routines, we created these beautiful worry balloons, helping to float away any anxiety or concerns about being back at school.

We have been learning how to code, using Purple Mash! This has tested our problem solving skills and how we work together as a team. Well done Y3 coders!

In gymnastics we have been learning how to safely get out and put the away all the equipment and apparatus, on top of our focus for each lesson whilst we are working.

With Fiona, our fantastic art specialist we have created some paper collages bees, using our painting skills too. Our learning launch pad is Manchester and the worker bee is the symbol of Manchester.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together