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Year 1 21/22

Thank you super Starlings!

Dear Starlings, 

We would like to say a ginormous thank you for all your kind words,cards and gifts! You are all incredibly generous. Thank you!
We had a fantastic year teaching your wonderful children and we wish them every success in year 2. Enjoy the break over Summer,have fun and enjoy seeing friends and family!

All our love and best wishes,

Mrs Houston, Mrs Gardner and Miss Ryan xx

Year 1 Robin Families 


To my gorgeous Robin Class, I have had the most wonderful first year at Springfield with you. You have worked incredibly hard and are ready to shine in Year 2. I will miss you lots but I know I will see you doing incredible things as you move on. Thank you to all of the families for your thoughtful gifts, cards and messages. I am incredibly thankful. 

Have a wonderful Summer! Miss Rundle. X 

Well done to all our year ones on completing a fantastic year! Enjoy a very well earned break and good luck for year 2, you are all ready for a new challenge. 

A very big thank you to our parents and carers for your support this year. Your children thrive at school because of the tremendous support they have at home.

Thank you for the kind words and gifts at the end of term. We really appreciate it.

Thank you Goldfinch families

Mrs Newell, Mrs Carroll, Miss Ryan, Miss Houghton and Mrs Brown would like to say a very heart-felt thank you for the very generous gifts and cards. Thank you for the very kind words. We have loved teaching Goldfinch class - they are very special- and we will miss them! 



  • OUTDOOR toys only for Year 1 (some children have left their toys in school ready).
  • We will finally be doing our 'Token Treat'  tomorrow morning on the garden.  We also have a lovely surprise for the children in the afternoon organised by our fantastic PTA. 
  • Please RETURN ALL reading books and library books to school for the holidays.  Summer reading is on the 'Homework' star of our page. 
  • Please bring a plastic bag in again for any additional things we will be sending home. 
  • School uniform as normal.

Thank you 

Token Treat Information 


For our Year 1 Token Treat, we will be taking the children into the school garden for a picnic breakfast and play. Your child can bring an outdoor toy to play with (e.g. a ball, skipping rope, stilts). Please don't bring in bikes or scooters as we will be on the grass. We will provide the children with a breakfast snack to enjoy. 


Many thanks, 


Year 1 Team



Final Full week of Year 1

Monday and Tuesday are set to be extremely hot. Please see the email from Mrs Chard regarding Monday and Tuesday (cool summer clothes, sun hats, sun cream, water).


Robin and Starling classes are due to have PE with Toby on Monday afternoon. We will liaise with Toby and monitor the weather to decide whether the children can participate in PE sessions and find an alternative if not.


End of Year reports will be sent home this week. Your child's phonics screening check result will be enclosed. 


Your child will meet their new teacher for Year 2 on Wednesday morning. Teachers have been already liaising with us/observing the  children over the last couple of weeks and detailed handovers will be happening this week. Parents will be informed via email on Wednesday. 


Token treat- we will be having a TOKEN TREAT on Friday morning- more details will follow. 


PE will still go ahead on Friday with Mr Read.


Thank you again for your continued support, 

Year 1 Team

Super Sports Day

The children were amazing at their first sports day at Crossford Bridge. Well done to everyone. Thank you also to the parents for helping with the finish line and taking photos. We hope you all enjoyed sports day, we are very proud of each and every one of our Year 1s.

Springfest Friday 8th July

Children can wear their own clothes on Friday. There will be no P.E.


Sports Day- Tuesday 12th July in the afternoon

Children will need to wear their P.E. Kits on Tuesday. We still need helpers to walk with us please to Crossford Bridge.

Please email or let your class teacher or a member of the Year 1 team know. We will be leaving at 12:20 and returning for hometime. Please be at the office for 12:15 to leave.

Robin Class Photo


Robin Class' retake of their school photograph is taking place tomorrow. Please could children come to school dressed in their winter uniform. This includes shirt, tie and cardigan/jumper. Could children arrive promptly to school tomorrow as the photo will be taken once all children have arrived. Many thanks. 

Passionate Protectors of the Environment Week

Year 1 have been thinking about how we can look after the environment. Here is what we have been up to. 

A little look at what Robin Class have been up to recently...

Robin Class Photo


Due to the amount of children who were absent from our class photograph that was taken before the holidays, we have contacted the photography company who have offered to return to school to re-photograph Robin Class on Tuesday 5th July. Therefore, your child will not be bringing home a test photo like the other classes in school today as ours will be being retaken. Thank you!


Year 1 Book Club with Mrs Gardner

This club has now finished. Thank you to those year 1s that came. Please return your library books as soon as possible and continue to use your reading journals at home for super reading. 

Friday 17th June- Jubilee Party

Don't forget the "Jubliee" party homework for the first Friday back. We will have a Jubilee day which will culminate in a whole school afternoon party. Children are invited to wear red, white and blue or dress as kings and queens, for our party. We will run a short PE session as our PE has now changed to Fridays (Children do not need to be in PE kit but will need sensible shoes)



P.E. will now be every Monday and FRIDAY after the half term break. We will have our coach, Tom Read, on a Friday with your class teacher.


Holiday Homework

We have sent the children home with a "Phonics booklet". This has all the sounds they need to know for the Phonics Screening Check which will take place after the holidays. Please read these sounds and practise any they are unsure of. Remember to encourage them to spot the "special friends" (sounds made up of 2 or more letters, eg, igh, ow, i-e) and be extra careful to find "chatty friends"  (eg i-e, a-e, u-e, o-e, e-e), fred talk then say the word.

We do not make a big deal of the Phonics check and do not want the children to feel worried about it. It is just like the RWInc assessments we do every half term.


Jubilee Crown/Hat making homework (whole school)

Starling class robotics day

The children in Starlings enjoyed creating algorithms to programme  the Bee-Bots, spheros and coder-pillars. 

Class Work wc 23rd May

We have lots of children off poorly this week. If your child feels up to some work, here are some of our class activities.

RWInc- Oxford Owl books for you to read, practise reading and writing red words

Maths- Telling the time to o'clock and half past the hour

Class Photos Wednesday 25th May

Class photos will take place on Wednesday. Please wear full winter uniform (tie, shirt, cardigan/jumper)

Robin Class spent today at Grip Adventure! They learnt all about compass points, how we can use maps to find our way as well as what is needed to make a fire. We also travelled to Timperley and back on the canal barge. What an amazing day! Miss Rundle is SO proud of you.

Phonics Screening Check Information


All Year 1 children will be taking the Phonics Screening Check in June. Please find below and on Teams a narrated PowerPoint which explains how the check will be administered, why the children will take it and how you will find out your child's result. If viewing in Teams,  please "like" the post so we can check that all parents have seen it. If you are viewing from this page, you will need to download the file and "Play slideshow" from the beginning to hear the narrations. 


It is very important that all pupils are in school in the week of 13th June-17th June as we only have 1 week to administer this check this year due to the holidays. 

Today Starling class took part in a Grip Adventure Day. They had a wonderful time learning lots, challenging themselves to try new things and working together as a team. Their behaviour was excellent and we look forward to continuing the Geography work they did today in the classroom.

We would like to wish our lovely Year 1 families Eid Mubarak! Here are two of our amazing girls sharing their experiences of their Eid al-Fitr celebrations. We have enjoyed learning all about this special day today. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Grip Adventure Starling Class

Starlings are going to Grip Adventure on Wednesday 4th May. We would like the children to wear warm sportswear as they will be based in the adventure cave or on the barge and it was not very warm last week! Please wear layers to take off if they get warm.

The children will walk along the canal and spend the day at Grip, walking back to school for a normal home-time. Children will need a packed lunch in a named bag. 
Have a look at the photos of Goldfinch class to see what activities they may do!

What a busy week we have had!

Goldfinch class went to Grip adventure. We took 30 children across the 3 classes to a multi-skills event at Altrincham Leisure Centre and Robin class had a robotics morning which was run by our computing partner MGL. All classes in year 1 will have the robotics morning during this half term. 

Summer Term dates and reminders

The Summer Term is always jam-packed! Here are some reminders and dates for your diary.

P.E. remains on a Monday (outdoors with our coach Toby) and Tuesday (indoors). Please dress your child according to the weather. We do ask that the children wear shorts and a t-shirt for indoor P.E. so they can use the gymnastics equipment safely. We generally use the full equipment every other week due to assemblies. 


Grip Adventure Trips

This is now on parent pay. We will be based in the adventure cave and will be linking in our Geography learning (there are more details below on our webpage)

Goldfinch- Wednesday 27th April

Starling- Wednesday 4th May

Robin- Wednesday 11th May


Multi-sports Festival

This will take place on Thursday 28th April 12:15-3:30- 30 children have been randomly selected (10 from each class) and will be taken by Mrs Newell, Mrs Gardner and Miss Ryan. Further details are below. If you are able to help, we do require other adults on that afternoon.

Multi-sports Festival

We have been invited to attend a multi-sports festival on the afternoon of Thursday 28th April at Altrincham leisure centre. We have been offered 30 places so we have drawn 10 names out of a hat for each class. If your child was selected you will receive a text message to confirm this. 
Each year we will be able to send a further 30 children so if your child hasn’t been randomly selected this time, there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming years. We will keep a record of who goes each year so that it is fair. 
We do need some parent helpers so if you can help us that would be appreciated ( we aim to leave school at 12:15 and take the children on the tram up to Altrincham, returning approximately 3:30-3:45)
The event ends at 3pm so we are expected back to school a little later than usual- approx 3:30-3:45.


Wheelie good fun!

We had a fantastic token treat today! The wheelie disco was great fun. We then found a (fluffy) visitor had left each child a little treat outside!
Thank you for your continued support and enjoy a restful Easter break.


Still image for this video

Advance notice: Trip coming soon!

We wanted to give you advanced warning of a trip which we will be running in year 1 after the Easter break. We have been working with GRIP adventure and they are going to provide us with a trip (Other year groups have already been on these trips earlier in the year).

More details of what we will be doing will follow but we wanted to share the dates with you: below.

Wednesday 27th April- Goldfinch

Wednesday 4th May- Starling

Wednesday 11th May- Robin


There will be various activities including: team building, bush craft, physical skills such as climbing and mapping skills in the local area.  We will be based in the 'Grip Adventure Cave' in Sale and we will be exploring the canal from that base.

Information can be found on Grip website below.

Target Booklets

Your child should have brought home a new target booklet today. These are the targets we discussed at parents evening. There will now be at least 2 targets highlighted for Reading, Writing and Maths. The orange highlights are from November and the new targets are in green.

Token Treat

Wheelie Disco

Do not forget to bring your wheels into school on Friday 8th April. We do have a few spares if you do not have anything.

Please note, uniforms still need to be worn.

Active Maths Lesson


Today some of the children took their Maths learning outside.  Rather than sit in the classroom to do their independent work they were on the playground.  They had to run from one addition or subtraction sum to another solving them using the equipment/tools they are familiar with from the classroom. It was wonderful to be out in the fresh air, consolidate our learning from this week and keep our bodies active. 

Design and Technology : Food and Teddy bears Picnic


We were very lucky to receive a donation of food items from Tesco for the children to use last week when practising to grate, chop and peel. This week, we are designing, making and evaluating our own dipping platter for a teddy bears picnic. We would like to ask for  a 50p donation per child to cover the costs the ingredients needed. The children can also bring in a teddy bear on Friday for the picnic when we will taste and evaluate our platters. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Still image for this video
Wishing all the special ladies in our children's lives a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Design Technology: As part of our D.T. learning, specifically Food Technology, we are going to be designing, making and evaluating a dipping platter for a healthy teddy bear’s picnic. We have started this learning by first investigating what healthy food we may use to create our dipping platters and then experimenting the range of skills that may be required for us to complete our task. We have been practising our claw and bridge cutting techniques, discussing good hygiene practice and thinking about healthy eating. Look at us go! 

More week 5 activities


Always keeping active and motivated through physical activity in between learning time.


Still image for this video

Using the rekenreks to demonstrate our understanding of number bonds to 20

Parents Evening this week - Tuesday to Thursday.


We are looking forward to seeing you all on TEAMs for parents evening.  Please be ready to answer a 'Chat' call on Microsoft TEAMS at your allotted time.

British Science Week: Year 1 are "climate scientists"

For British Science Week, we have become climate scientists and have been collecting data to answer the question "Is the weather in March always the same?"  The theme this year is climate change and we have tasked the children to observe the weather in March to compare against previous years so we can see if our climate is indeed changing. We learnt that changes can be very slight, but it is important to track this information. We have been:

1. using a rain gauge to measure rainfall,

2. using the weather forecast to track "sunshine hours"

3. using a thermometer to check the temperature

4. observing the weather to count rainy days.


Each class will collect data for a week and then we will compare against each other and then against the data from the last few years. We will then be able to answer the big question to find out if the weather in March is always the same. 


In Maths, we have been exploring early multiplication by making equal groups and drawing arrays and used repeated addition to solve multiplication stories. The children have really enjoyed this topic!


We managed to make the most of the sunny weather and went onto the garden to play Mrs Houston's "tree game". We had to find deciduous and evergreen trees and run to different ones. We started to see some very early signs of Spring but we will need to check back in a few weeks to see how the garden is changing. 


We have also completed our final week of our "bean diary" entries. We have watched our beans grow from a tiny seed into some quite tall bean plants. We will  be sending these home next week for you to nurture at home!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Exploring part whole and finding missing numbers.


Following on from our work on fruits and vegetables we have been looking at plants and trees. On Wednesday the children spent time outside looking at trees and plants examining the similarities and difference between the two. They looked at evergreen and deciduous trees. Today we have looked at the different parts of the tree and their role. We built, made and labelled trees.

We had such a lovely day celebrating World Book day. We shared our favourite books; read and retold the story of the Princess and the Pea and created story maps. In the afternoon we joined in with a singing session based on the Princess and the Pea with Manchester Music hub.

World Book Day


The Year 1 (and Reception) children have been learning songs for a special event happening tomorrow for World Book Day. We are joining a group performance of "The Princess and the Pea". We will be carrying out some exciting activities tomorrow for World Book Day, based on this popular fairytale.

Class Fund

Each class has a money box, as in Reception any donations would be greatly received and put to good use (a suggested donation would be £1/week).

How do plants grow? What a super start back to the Spring Term with the children identifying and classifiying a range of fruits and vegetables depending on what part of the plant they have come from. We will also be observing the growth of a bean plant over time. Super Scientists Year 1!

Spring Term Reminders

We are looking forward to welcoming back our lovely Year 1s on Monday 21st February as we start the 2nd half of the Spring term. 


Here are a few reminders of things coming up this half term. 


P.E. kits are still required on a Monday and Tuesday. We will be continuing with cricket on a Monday and gymnastics on a Tuesday.


Spelling Tests

The first spelling test will take place in week 2 (Thurs 3rd March) as we begin new RWInc books this week. 


KS1 Disco

The KS1 disco will take place on Thursday 3rd March. Details were sent via email from the office. Bookings are to be made on parentpay and details of who will collect your child will need to be entered.



Mrs Newell will be running Spanish club on a Tuesday from 3:30-4:30pm this half term.
Miss Rundle will be running her Hama Beads club on a Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm. Both clubs will run for 5 weeks, not including parents evening week. You will have received a text message from the office to confirm you child's place. If your child no longer wants to attend please do let the office know as we have received more requests for the clubs. 


Parents Evening

 Parents Evening is scheduled for the week beginning Monday 21st March. More details will follow. 


Common Exception words and tricky red words

We have noticed that a large number of the children need some extra activities to read and spell the common exception words and tricky red words. From this half term, we will be sending out a list of 6 words each week in addition to the main homework task. These will be placed in your child's red folder and on the website. We will not be testing them on these words but want the children to have focused time reading and writing them.



Please continue to report absences to the office via the telephone as we do not always see our Year 1 inbox when we are teaching. 

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme this year is Growing Together. Through the use of some beautiful books and discussion time as a class we have looked at ways in which the children have grown emotionally and how they can look after their mental health.

We love maths! We have been exploring numbers to 50 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In History we have been looking at Significant People. We studied Mrs Spencer who was a Headteacher at Springfield and we have studied the Queen.

Teacher Led Clubs- message coming soon

Hama bead and Spanish clubs will be opening again for Spring 2. Please look out for details on a text message with a link to the survey monkey. Clubs are allocated on a first come first served basis and will close when full.

Gymnastics in Year 1

Reminders about Spellings

When we introduced spelling tests, we shared some notes about the aims of practising spellings and how we would like the children to do it. We do not want children or parents to be worried or anxious about the spellings. We use these "tests" for the children to practise how to spell- using the strategies we teach in class and the aim is for them to be able to do this in writing activities rather than just isolated words. We do apologise for the reduced amount of time for practising over the last few weeks. Due to covid, we have been unable to plan ahead as much as usual as we have not known if we are running RWInc ahead of the Monday. Hopefully we can get back to normal of posting the spellings on a Friday.


Please see below on how and why we have introduced spellings:


We would like the children to practice the spellings by applying their phonics and using "Fred fingers" to spell. We encourage the children to say and count the sounds then write it down, taking note of any "special friends". We would discourage the children learning the spellings by heart, and would prefer them to apply the sound knowledge they have.


For example:  stray 

Count the sounds on your fingers- 4 sounds ( s  t  r  ay) say the sounds and pinch your fingers 


For multisyllabic words- we use the "chunking" strategy

For example: holiday

chunk into syllables- hol   i   day 

Fred each syllable to spell 



The spellings are linked to your child's RWInc book and group- the focus sound and green words in their book will be included in the list.



Tiger art- optional task

The manager of Stanley Square has asked for any children who would like to, to create pictures of a tiger for their Lunar new year tiger hunt. If your child would like to, they can create a picture of a tiger and we will submit it to the Stanley Square manager. 

What a wonderful week of learning! We have been exploring numbers up to 50 in Maths as well as writing all about Winter. ❄️

Week Beginning 17.1.2022

Happy Monday!

Due to rising numbers of Covid, we are keeping children in their classes this week. This means we are not running RWInc groups or Maths sets. Both of these lessons are going to occur in classes. Please note, this also means we have not set a RWInc book on Oxford Owl for your child to read.


If your child is isolating, our English is centred around the story "Owl Babies". This links to the history of school and Mrs Spencer, a former head-teacher who left us her beautiful owl carving. Please see below for links to the story and possible home-learning opportunities. 


This week in Maths, we are exploring numbers to 50. The children have enjoyed counting in tens so far to make different numbers up to 50. Please feel free to follow this link to play games and consolidate the children's understanding of numbers up to 50.



Owl Babies Activities (For children isolating only)

- Can you act out the story? What does each character say?

- Can you think about how each owl feels at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

- Where does the story take place? Who are the main characters?
- Can you re-tell the story? Can you write a re-count, remembering capital letters, full stops and finger spaces? Think about your beginning, middle and end.

- Can you spot the "ed" endings in the story? Can you make some sentences in the past tense?

- Look at the red words in the story- practise writing these: Once, there Thought, they, mother, one, gone, was,  Sarah, Percy, Bill

- Can you find out more about owls? Could you write an information/non fiction text about owls?

How did the Owls feel, speech bubbles

Spellings for this week can be found in the Spellings file above.

Handball fun! Year 1 were very lucky and had a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a handball session with a sports coach.

Year 1 COOL Time: We Challenge Ourselves to Learn

Happy New Year!

P.E. will continue to be on a Monday and Tuesday in the Spring term. Children will be having cricket with Toby on a Monday outside on the MUGA and gymnastics on a Tuesday.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Thank you to all our parents and carers for your support during what has been a challenging, yet successful first term. The children have settled in brilliantly and we cannot quite believe their first term in year 1 is already complete.


Thank you for your kind words, cards and very generous gifts and support in the run up to Christmas. We hope all our Springfield families enjoy and restful and peaceful Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all in 2022!


Festive wishes from your Year 1 Team

Mrs Newell, Mrs Gardner, Mrs Houston, Miss Rundle, Miss Ryan, Mrs Carroll and Miss Houghton

Please enjoy our 'Year 1 Christmas Song' on Teams/Twitter.  Thank you for all your help with encouraging the children to learn the words and we hope it brings you some festive cheer!

Christmas grotto, Santa dash and Christmas fair