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Homework for the holidays


We hope you have a lovely rest!

We will be taking your reading books in this Wednesday.  We have assigned previous Read Write Inc books for your child to practise their fluency and expression with you over the holidays.  You can also have fun doing the quiz linked to the book.   Don't forget you can read and share books from Oxford Owl, your books at home and use the local library.  Enjoy!  READ, READ, READ!


Why don't you listen to this Christmas story on Oxford Owl



STARLINGSFriday Readers.

To our lovely Friday readers.  We have not sent your reading books home.  If you would like to enjoy another book please log on to your Oxford Owl account and search for this book 'Animal Tricks' - Blue book band.  Thank you.


Homework Week beginning 6th December

We hope you have been practising letter formation with your child using the 'handwriting booklets'.  We allowed more time last week to complete the booklet.  Please keep it at home and continue to use the booklet to revisit letter sounds and formation at home. 


This week you will receive a number formation sheet on Wednesday 8th December to complete at home (Robins if you have received this - please re complete the correct sheet).


Thank you  

Homework - Friday 26th November (To be kept for continued practise at home)


Handwriting Book


Your child's red folder should now contain a personal handwriting book and handwriting formation chart for them to begin practising their letter formation at home. 


Please use the letter formation rhymes to encourage your child to form their letters carefully, sitting on the line. 


There is no pressure to complete the entire alphabet of letters. Please take it a letter at a time so that your child can experience repeated practise of correct letter formation. 


If you scroll further down this page, you will see correct pencil grip examples and an electronic copy of the handwriting formation rhymes we use at school. 


 Year 1 Team 

Homework Friday 19th November- Wednesday 24th November

Your homework this week is below. We would like the children to write a letter to Lindsay from "Animals Takeover," please see below.




Homework sheet


We would also like the children to learn the words to the following song. 

Homework Friday 12th November- Wednesday 17th November

Please return homework by Wednesday in the red folder if possible so that we have time to look at it and mark it.

Homework Friday 5th November - Wednesday 10th November

Here is a copy of the homework. In Science and Geography, we are observing the weather over time. Please complete a weather diary over the weekend. Please return homework in the red folder on Wednesday.



Homework is an important part of a child's learning. It helps to consolidate what is being taught and promotes independence and organisation. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child's homework tasks are completed. We will set formal homework once we are happy the children have settled.  


Handwriting:  We are working on children's letter formation and pencil grip next term.  Please encourage your child to develop the tripod grip to support sustained writing in the future.  See image below.  To support their writing skills please also encourage their large motor and fine motor skills.  For example, climbing in the park, helping to peg the washing out, playing with playdough, Lego play and getting themselves dressed.  You can also see the rhymes that match each letter below, which will support their formation; say the rhyme as they write the letter.  This formation is essential as it will make joined up writing more accessible in the future. You can talk to your child about ascenders and descenders - letters that sit above and below the handwriting lines.  Enjoy mark-making outdoors outside using mud and sticks too and try and have fun!


Reading: We encourage you to read each night with your child or as frequently as possible. Your child will be sent home with two reading books per week based on their assessed book band level. Please record when you have read with your child in their reading record and return this to school. It is VITAL that your child's reading book and record is in their book bag each day to ensure that a teacher/teaching assistant/additional adult can read with them at least once a week. 


Read Write Inc:

We have now organised a RWInc subscription to support children’s fluency, expression and comprehension. Your child will be given a personal login to access an assigned book each week.  Your child's login will be stuck in the front of their reading record.  With this login the children can access the oxford owl reading books and their RWInc book as an assigned 'homework'.  Once they have read the assigned RWInc book, they can then click 'I've finished the ebook'. This will show your teacher what they have completed at home. The book your child will be reading is the book they are reading in school during RWInc. We would like the children to re-read the book where possible and use the book as advised, including completing the comprehension questions. This will support the children on their reading journey. Books will be set on a Tuesday for 1 week.  Thank you for your continued support.


Spelling: Common exception words/tricky words to be practiced throughout the week. We will begin to test the children on these words when we introduce spelling tests.


Maths: Children need regular practise counting forwards and backwards, identifying one more and one less than a number and being able to write numbers in words. This term we will be focusing on numbers 0-10, including addition and subtraction. Please support your child in consolidating this knowledge wherever possible. 


Developing Independence: As your child becomes more settled in Year 1, it is important to continue promoting their own independence and responsibility. This includes ensuring that they can carry their own book bag into school, hang up their own coat and put away their water bottles as well as ensuring they remember this at the end of each school day. In order to support your child with this, please label your child's belongings to ensure they do not go missing. 


Show and Tell

Your child has brought home a letter about show and tell. This is a great speaking and listening opportunity. Please see the letter for details.


Please refer to the Year 1 page on this website to talk with your child about our current Year 1 learning and curriculum. Many thanks for your continued support. 


Handwriting - Letter formation rhymes

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