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Homework 9th July - Spelling Noughts and Crosses

This week we would like you to practise reading and spelling some of the year 2 common exception words by playing Spelling Noughts and Crosses. Follow the instructions below - can you beat a family member?! If you are unable to print out the spelling cards or grid you can write them out instead.

Tricky word spelling quiz

This week we would like the children to complete the tricky word quiz that has been set as a '2Do' in your Purple Mash account. The quiz will appear in your child's Purple Mash account on Friday 2nd of July and must be completed by Thursday 8th July. To log into your account your child's username and password is the same as the one they use in school.


Kind regards,

Year 2 Team

Homework 25th June- Something Fishy!


For English homework this week please watch the video below (Something Fishy) from the Literacy Shed. Can you record a story based on the video? Use interesting openers to start your sentences, adjectives for extra detail and extend your sentences using conjunctions. Remember to separate your ideas into paragraphs. Hand in no later than Thursday 1st July.

Homework Friday 18th June 2021


For homework this week choose an activity from below. Focus carefully on capital letters, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions (and, but, so, because). Once you have finished your writing re-read your work to check for correct spelling and other errors, then edit and improve.

Homework 11th June


Think carefully about writing in the past tense. Not all past tense verbs end in 'ed'. Work through the sheet and add the correct past tense verb. Please ensure your homework is handed in on Thursday 17th June.

Homework during half term


We would like the children to focus on developing their knowledge of spelling common exception words during the half-term break. Please log into your Purple Mash account and click on your '2Do' icon (red bell icon) to open three set quizzes on common exception words. If you have time you can also play some English games on the BBC website below. Enjoy the half-term break!


Year 2 Team


Up-levelling sentences homework - Friday 14th May.


This week we would like the children to focus on up-levelling sentences. Work through the PowerPoint to recap how to up-level sentences by creating an expanded noun phrase, adding a conjunction and ensuring correct punctuation.  After discussing the PowerPoint your child can then have a go at up-levelling the sentences below.  

Homework Feedback - Children will receive feedback on their homework each Friday. Your child will then write down their improvement target on the handed-in piece of work. Please can you discuss these next steps with your child and work on this target in their next piece of writing.

Writing Homework 7th May - Journey into Space


After parent's evening last week some parents said they find it challenging to get their child to practise writing at home. With this in mind the Year 2 team have decided to set writing homework each week to provide children with an opportunity to focus on their next steps in their writing.


Task Imagine you are an astronaut travelling into space. Sit in a quiet comfortable spot ready to discuss your writing. Print out the support sheets below to help generate your ideas. Support your child with writing by orally rehearsing each sentence before writing it down. Use the common exception word bank to help your child spell tricky words in their writing. Encourage your child to re-read their writing to 'edit and improve'. Have you remembered all capital letters and full stops? Have you remembered finger spaces? Can you extend your sentences using 'and', 'but', 'because'. Use the questions below to guide your writing. 


How do you feel as you wait to launch off inside your rocket?

How does your space suit feel?

As you launch into space What can you see?

What is the planet like that you land on?

How would you describe the alien you meet?

How does your story end what happens?


Please bring your writing homework into school in your red homework folders, which you should have at home, on Friday 14th May.


Also, please can you practise your handwriting on pages 10 and 11 in your CPG handwriting book. On these pages you will be practising the third join. We will be sending your CPG handwriting book home on Friday 7th May, please can you bring your CPG handwriting book back into school with your writing homework on Friday 14th May. Thank you!


Here is an example to show you how you could start your writing. This is just the start of a story, you need to describe the planet you land on for the end of your story.

Homework 19/03/2021


Easter Bonnets!

As part of our RE lessons we have looked at different religious celebrations and festivals. So far we have learnt about Chinese New Year, Hanukah, Holi and Diwali. This term, we have also been learning about Lent and Easter. Homework this week will be to create an Easter Bonnet. Children  should bring their Bonnet into school on Thursday 25th March for a Year 2 Easter Bonnet Parade! Please do not send the bonnet in before this date as we will not have room to store them!


Friday 11th December


For your homework this week, you are going to write instructions on how to build a snowman. The following PowerPoint explains how to write instructions and the other documents will help support the children’s writing. Have a look at the example instructions and use the word bank along with this PowerPoint to help you complete your homework.

Friday 4th December


For your homework this week, you are going to write a letter to Santa. The following PowerPoint explains how to write a letter to someone. Many of you will have written a letter before in school so may remember what to do but please read the PowerPoint first to refresh your memory. You should start your letter by asking Santa how he is and the reason you are writing to him. The next part of your letter should give more detail about what gifts you might like. Have a look at the example letter and use the word bank along with this PowerPoint to help you write your letter to Santa.


Your teachers will be looking to see that you have used:

Capital letters and full stops to show your sentences.
Neat handwriting, where your letters sit on the line and they are of similar size to each other.
Some conjunctions in your sentences.

Friday 27th November


Your homework this week is handwriting practice. Please use the PowerPoint if you need reminding of the correct way to form letters. Then complete pages 2, 3 and 4 of your year 2 CPG handwriting book.


Please bring this book into school on Friday 4th December so that your teacher can give you verbal feedback.

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