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2020 - 2021 Year 2

Summer Fun!

During the last few weeks we have been taking part in lots of fun activities including our summer fair day, infant fun day and much more! Thank you very much for all of your hard work and support this year. Thank you also for the lovely cards and gifts. Have a great summer everyone!

Super Sports Day!


Year 2 had lots of fun during their Sports Day! They enjoyed taking part in the activities and cheered on their classmates!

Is there such a thing as a healthy dessert?

Year 2 have been investigating the answer to this question - and the answer is YES! As part of our science and DT learning we have designed, made and eaten a healthy dessert. We thought very carefully about how much sugar and fat it contained, what it tasted like and what it looked like. We had a lot of fun making them and even more fun tasting them! Thank you very much parents for providing everything!

Blast off!

After learning about Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, Year 2 have had lots of fun making junk models of the Saturn V rocket he travelled in. Unfortunately, we don't think they will get us to the moon, but we think you'll agree that they look amazing!

Look how much our beans and peas have grown!

Bulbs, beans and seeds!

Year 2 have been investigating bulbs and seeds in science. We have dissected them to see what is inside and planted our own beans - check back soon to see how they are growing!

Amazing Algorithms!

We have started learning about algorithms in Computing this half term. We worked on the ipads to input simple instructions using Purple Mash.

Happy Easter!

We have had another egg-citing week! We are now on the count down to Easter so we have been taking part in lots of fun Easter activities including an Easter bonnet parade. Everyone worked really hard at home to create amazing Easter bonnets - thank you to everyone at home who helped! Well-done for another fantastic week year 2. Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

British Science Week

It was British Science Week between 5th - 14th March so year 2 became inventors, thinking of new ideas. We looked at reduce, re-use and recycle, creating inventions that would make the world a better place. The children designed a water saving device for when they brush their teeth or use the shower (reduce). The children took part in an experiment to find out how much water is wasted if the tap was left on during the time it took for them to brush their teeth. They also looked at the affect of plastic on the world and made their own recycle bin (recycle), we did another little to test to show how plastic is harmful to living things using mustard seeds. For the third activity we had lots of fun upcycling objects (re use).

Another Fun Week!

Our second week back has been lots of fun, being inventors as part of British Science Week activities and designing Faberge Eggs leading up to Easter.

A Wonderful Week Back!

Well-done everyone for a brilliant first week back after 8 weeks of lock down. We are all so very proud of how you have settled back into the school routine really well. We have been taking part in a variety of activities this week including African animal art, making thank you cards and learning about British Science Week. We also managed to have our belated Christmas party!! Keep up the hard work Year 2!
Before Christmas we made poppies out of clay, thinking carefully about the shape of the petals, stem and the inside. Once the clay was dry, we painted them. 

Pretty Poppies!

World Book Day 2021
We all had a fun World Book Day this year - at home and in school. Look at our amazing costumes - thank you everyone - you looked great! Year 2 really enjoyed taking part in a variety of World Book Day activities including guessing the masked reader and some of us managed to take part in a live webinar event with the author Nathan Bryon and illustrator Dapo Adelo.