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Every Friday spellings will be given out and stuck into homework diaries. The children will be tested on the spellings the following Thursday.

Spelling Shed will have games on that cover these words too.


  • Please complete 5 games on Spelling Shed and 10 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars per week. 
  • Log ons  for these are stuck in their homework diary.
  • Please read at least three times a week and record in the homework diary.





 25th June 2021


Well done for a great start with your 'Spain' projects. Remember your homework is due in every Wednesday.


Your task this week is to find out about traditional food dishes in Spain. Complete some writing and pictures please. 


 If you need paper or have any questions please ask your teacher.


Year 3 Team



Year Three Spain Project


Dear Parents/Carers,


This term the pupils in Year Three will be asked to complete a project as part of their homework.  This project will enhance their knowledge of our current topic; ‘Spain’ and will also help the children to develop their research and organisational skills. 


As the children progress throughout Key Stage Two they will complete a number of homework projects. This will be their first project so we hope you will be able to support your child, however, it is important that they produce their own work.


Here is a list of what to include in the project along with dates for returning the project to school.





Information to include:



Hand in date:



Front Cover

Introduction page



A title and images.

General information/facts about Spain.

A picture of the Spanish Flag.



16th June





Choose a Spanish festival to write about. Draw some pictures and tell the history of the festival and what happens during it.



23rd June





What dishes are traditional in Spain?



30th June



Famous Person



Research a famous Spanish person. Why are they famous? What can you find out about them?



Read through your project and make any final touches.



Final hand in date

7th July




Please follow this list and complete all the pages as described.  Some children may wish to add extra pages, however we would ask that only two extra pages as well as those described above be included.

We look forward to seeing their brilliant work! 

If you have any questions, please send an email to the year group email–


Yours sincerely,


Mr Hammond, Ms Tomlinson and Mrs Hamlett

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together