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IMPORTANT Information about reading books


Your child should have been given a linked book this week that matches the focus sounds from their Read Write Inc (RWI) Lesson. This means that your child will take home their usual reading book along with another new text from their Read Write Inc teacher (NOT MISS BOLGER’S GROUP)

Please could you read this book with your child every night, to build on their fluency and support their current focus sound within their lesson?

We have also noticed that although many children are now much better at recognising their sounds within words they are struggling to build up their fluency and speed in reading. This can only be developed by re-reading familiar texts. We are therefore going to also load your child’s current RWI text from their weekly lesson every Tuesday for your child to practise reading in their Oxford- Owl online account.

In summary your child will now have access to three TEXTS to practise reading at home.


Weekly Reading Timetable for Home


Book Type

When to read

When to return

Normal school reading book x1

Each day

Brought into school each day and returned home. Changed once a week

RWI linked text (contains same sounds form their lessons)

Handed out every Monday by the RWI teacher. Practise each day.

Collected into school on a Friday

Current RWI text from child’s RWI lesson


Uploaded on a Tuesday. Read each day to build on fluency and support child’s RWI learning.


Every Tuesday your child’s online text will change.


* Please look out for your child’s Oxford Owl log in this week which can be used to access your child’s current RWI text from their lesson.


Miss Bolger’s group will not have a linked text from their lesson but will continue to receive their two reading books as usual and if they wish to access additional texts using their online Oxford Owl account they can also do this.


Kind Regards,

Year 2 Team.

Reading in Year 2- Understanding the text


Children have displayed good decoding skills (sounding out) in Year 2 after having so much practice at developing this skill throughout year 1, however there is a huge shift from decoding (sounding out words) to deeply understanding the text in year 2. Your child needs to be able to understand and answer a variety of questions about the text they read.


This week your child will have brought home a book mark they have made in class which has a variety of questions on the back that you could ask your child at reading time to develop this skill.


Ask your child lots of questions about the text...


Why does the character sigh?

What clue tells you the character is excited?

How do you know the character's feelings?

Why does the author use the word 'lashing' to describe the rain?

How can you predict what might happen next?




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