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Year 6

History: World War II Projects

A massive well done to everyone for the effort put into their projects! There were a lot of children who were motivated to achieve their best and challenged themselves to learn - some outstanding models, art work, poems, postcards and even cooking! Well done everyone👏

Christmas Disco!

Absolute Scenes

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D&T: Completed Buzzer Games Democracy

D&T: Completed Buzzer Games, Unity

D&T: Completed Buzzer Games, Liberty

Santa's Grotto!

Crazy Hair Day

D&T: Making Buzzer Games, Democracy

D&T Making Buzzer Games, Unity

Editing Conference

D&T: Design Phase Buzzer Games, Unity

D&T: Design Phase Buzzer Games Democracy

A Spanish Tongue-Twister

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Computing: Investigating Digital Footprint

RE: What Can Be Done To Reduce Racism?

Children In Need

Democracy Tasting and Evaluating

Liberty make curries

Unity: Making and tasting our curries in DT

Diwali Treat Boxes: Unity

Fantastic Friday: Penny Football

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Diwali Treat Boxes

DT: Design Phase

We have been designing our vegetable curry recipes. Today we had a good smell of the spices we will be using!

D&T: Curry Tasting

Today in D&T we started our new project by tasting a range of vegetarian curries. We will use our tasting to inform our decisions during the design stage of the project.

English: Quest Story Short Write

Today we read a paragraph from a Beast Quest story. We discussed the content and language features and predicted how the story would progress. In pairs, we wrote the next paragraph.

Reverse Poetry by Olivia

Democracy Badminton Matches

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Liberty - Badminton Matches!

Liberty - Playing our versions of Pong!

Spanish with Mr Lopez!

Fantastic Friday: Manga Club

Science: Observing through Heart Dissection

Today we consolidated our learning about the heart and circulatory system by performing a dissection. We used scalpels to dissect sheep hearts and identified the different parts of the heart we have learnt in science. 

Maths: Long Division

Mr. Stanley’s Maths group smashing long-division to pieces 💪

Science: The Respiratory System and the Function of the Lungs

Unity: Model of the Lungs

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Unity: Model of the Lungs

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PE Badminton Week 4: Practising Net Shots

History: Which of King Henry VIII’s marriages was most significant?

Today we learnt about King Henry VIII and details of his marriages. We then used a speaking frame to empathise with his wives, putting forward their case for why they are most important. Finally, we had to decide who we thought was the most significant of Henry’s wives.


PE Badminton Week 3: Lunges and Drop Shots

Computing: Coding

We planned and designed a video game based on the classic “Pong”. Our designs are themed but use the same elements of the original game. After importing our images as sprites and stage backgrounds, we begun to create algorithms. We created a set of instructions for each sprite as control commands.


PE: Badminton Week 2

This week we have been working on footwork and changing between forehand and backhand grip.

PE: Badminton Week 1

Spoken Language: Comparing and Contrasting

Today in English, we watched a TV version of the story we have been reading: A Good Tip for Ghosts. We looked at the similarities and differences between the two and presented our findings as a Compare & Contrast speech. We focused on formal language, tone and cohesion.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! It was great to see everyone back at Springfield looking so smart and ready for the new term! 

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together