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Year 5 22/23

Welcome to Year 5!



A warm welcome to all of the new Year 5s! Please see information about P.E. below:

PE days for Year 5 for Summer 1 will be on a Monday (outdoor), but not the first week, Monday 17th April, and Thursday (outdoor). Children will need to come into school in their P.E. kit. Thank you.


Please keep checking this page, as we will continue to update the site with key information and photos. Please email us on if you have any questions. 


All our very best,

Mrs Hamlett, Miss Beddow, Mrs Bonser, Mrs Sherlock, Mrs Gresty and Mrs Stevens


In D&T we have design and made some moving toys with a space theme for younger children. We are very pleased with the results!

To consolidate all their learning throughout Year 5, the children made their own maths themed board games! We were blown away with the creativity shown across the year group. Once finished, the children then shared with one another and played their games. Great work!

Super Sports Day!

Congratulations to all Year 5 pupils on a brilliant Sports Day! The Year 5 teaching team were blown away by your fantastic display of all our school values - we saw children cheering each other on, celebrating successes together and supporting those who were finding an event challenging. We are so proud of you all!

Congratulations to our Sports Day medalists!

This half term in RE we have been looking at 'Green Religion' and the strategies different religious groups are taking to help tackle climate change. The children have been learning all about eco-buildings, and have taken on the role of architects to design their own 'eco-church'! They then presented these to their classmates who voted whether or not they should receive the coveted 'Green Flag Award'!

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising another fantastic junior disco - we had a great time dancing the night away!

You can recreate the vegetarian lasagne recipe by following the recipe card below:

Well done Year 5 on a brilliant week at Langdale! From ghyll scrambling to abseiling you all embraced the challenges with an enthusiastic, 'can do' attitude. We saw new friendships develop and existing ones flourish! A huge congratulations to you all!

Congratulations to the winners of the Langdale Talent Show! We were all blown away by your performances!

Whilst in Langdale, the highly competitive 'SPRINGFIELD's GOT TALENT' final takes place. Heats took place the week before, it was very difficult to choose the finalists, as there was such a wide range of talents on display!

In preparation for our forthcoming trip to Langdale, we learnt how to use a compass and then tested our skills with challenges on the garden.

We had such a fantastic day celebrating the coronation of King Charles III, we created fabulous thrones and crowns and enjoyed a good old sing along in the hall!

The children in Miss Beddow's maths class loved exploring different nets of 3D shapes!

Year 5 enjoyed their well earned token treat hunting for Easter eggs in the school garden!

Year 5 had a brilliant time on Friday's sponsored walk! The Year 5 team were blown away by their determination, stamina and support for one another during the walk. The sun was shining and, after experiencing a brief hail storm along the River Mersey, the weather stayed pleasant! Congratulations on an excellent walk Year 5!

The children have put so much effort into their book projects! They really enjoyed sharing their favourite authors and book series and got lots of inspiration for books/authors they would like to try out in the future!

For British Science Week the children worked in teams to design and create bridges made just from paper. They conducted experiments first to see how they could strengthen their bridges purely by folding, layering or rolling the paper. They then made their final bridges which we tested by putting weights on them! This will help them when they go in to Year 6 where they will make bridges in DT!

During computing lessons, the children have been using the programme '2Design and Make' on Purple Mash to design a space shuttle. They explored changing the shape by adding and taking away points and adding patterns/designs.

The children loved creating some collages inspired by the artist Kandinsky!

What a fabulous World Book Day! Y5 loved being comfortable in their PJs today carrying out a number of book related fun activities such as quizzes, making bookmarks and taking part in a book swap!

In RE this week, the children have been learning about mission statements. The children created their own beautiful and thoughtful mission statements on their whiteboards.

We have started to create dances linked to our science topic of space, watch this space as the creations progress...

Check out the amazing range of Europe projects Year 5 have completed at home. Posters, PowerPoint presentations, papier mache models, lots of tasty baking, stories. plus much more!

The children had great fun developing their programming skills using Scratch! They created interactive quizzes linked to our science topic 'Space'!

Year 5 recently enjoyed a fantastic art day creating self-portraits! The children produced a variety of pieces - using a range of different materials. Our Year 6 staff then chose their favourite eight pieces, which were selected for Stockport Grammar's Y5 art competition. A fantastic effort by all Year 5 pupils!

Miss Beddow's maths group had a great time applying their learning about decimals to problem solving and reasoning questions today with some more graffiti maths! They loved working in teams and out in so much effort!

Our new science learning is all about Space, something that the children had been eagerly awaiting! We started our learning about our Solar System whereby the children gathered information from each other about each of the different planets and compared and sorted planets using this information.

In geography, the children have started their learning about Europe which is our Year 5 geography launchpad! They worked together using atlases to find lots of information and record it on their own maps!

Year 5 were getting their creative juices going again today with some Christmas crafts!

What a wonderful day designing and making chess pieces in the style of Viking Lewis Chessmen. The children worked very hard to develop their skills with working with clay and carving out details! They were very patient and showed fabulous perseverance!

Year 5 had an amazing Christmas party afternoon! So much fun with lovely friends!

Y5 teachers have been blown away by the brilliant effort all pupils have put in to their COP 27 projects! From bird feeders to delicious recipes, we have all been inspired by the children's hard work - well done Year 5!

To finish off our science topic 'Forces', the children were learning about levers, gears and pulleys. They loved learning through play with the KNEX kits and worked fabulously in teams on some challenging creations!

Miss Beddow's maths group have been cementing our learning about multiplication by working in groups to complete some graffiti maths! Together we are a team!

In science, during our forces topic, we have also been investigating water resistance. We concluded that streamlined shapes with smooth and gently curved surfaces travel more quickly through water showing that less water resistance is affecting the object.

In science, the children have been planning and carrying out investigations about friction to find out which surfaces produce more or less friction. They used Newton Meters to measure their findings.

Year 5 are incredibly lucky this half term to have the opportunity to be taught by Sale Sharks for their Tuesday PE lessons and have thoroughly enjoyed their first few lessons!

We have been learning about air resistance in science. In groups we designed and created different parachutes, changing one thing about each design, sometimes the material, sometimes the shape or size and then tested which was the best design for a parachute - the one that created the most air resistance and fell the slowest.

On National Poetry Day we read a poem named 'Junk' which is all about Jasper O'Leary a boy who gorged on junk! We then wrote our own versions of the poem, where he had a change of heart and only ate things that were wholesome and healthy.

In computing lessons, Hubble have been developing their skills of using spreadsheets using 2Calculate on Purple Mash! They used the spreadsheets to plan a party on a budget! They used formulae to keep track of what they were spending throughout.

'Summarise' is one of our reading comprehension gems and this time we decided to practice this skill using emojis to summarise the story of Thor's Hammer!

The children loved showing off all of their incredible learning about the Anglo-Saxon's Pagan religion by creating quiz shows in groups!

In science the children have been familiarising themselves with Newton meters. They worked brilliantly in groups to measure the mass and weight of different object to seek patterns in their findings.

In history we have been discovering how people in Anglo-Saxon Britain may have lived by becoming archaeologists and observing replica artefacts!

The Year 5s loved using the equipment in their first gymnastics session of the year!

Miss Beddow's maths class had a great time creating and then becoming visitors to our very own place value museum! The children showed an excellent understanding by representing numbers using different equipment and resources!

What a wonderful first day of Year 5! Here are the children enjoying an art activity which really helped us get to know them a bit more!

Welcome to Year 5 Newton!

Welcome to Year 5 Hubble!

Welcome to our new Year 5 Hawking class