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Year 4

Well done to these children who received praise certificates this week!

A very big well done to the children who were praised this week!

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Ancient Greecian Pottery was unearthed in the playground of Springfield Primary by Year 4! The children will be using this astounding find as inspiration for their Newspaper articles in English this week!

Learning chess is always a highlight in Year 4. The children love to learn about strategy and logic with Mr Dainty.

A very big well done to these superstars!

It is wonderful to be back in the swing of P.E. with our fabulous coaches on a Wednesday. Here we are engaging in Multisports during a break in the rainy weather!

Year 4 developing their drawing skills by focusing on line, pattern and colour in Sketching!

Year 4 have loved using Google Earth, maps and atlases to research more about modern and Ancient Greece in Geography. The children recapped prior knowledge about the continents, oceans, poles and equator and then progressed onto comparing the physical and human features of modern and Ancient Greece, as well as discussing how these features compared with the United Kingdom.

Research using Secondary Resources: Animals Including Humans

Using technology to conduct research using secondary sources, provided the children with the perfect opportunity to use their Computing Skills. They thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves to use various websites and safe search engines to find out more about human and animal digestive systems in Science. Way to work as a team Year 4!

A huge well done to the children who were praised this week!

What a fantastic start to the term Year 4 has had! The children have had great fun exploring their new Science topic, Animals including Humans, where they used everyday objects to recreate the human digestive system. Through utilising their fantastic collaborative skills, the children enjoyed exploring how food is digested in the human body. This enabled them to get an up close look into what happens in each of the digestive organs and understand how excretion occurs. This investigation provided an exciting hook for their new Science topic as well as enabling them to gain extensive knowledge. 

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together