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Pyjamas and movie time!

We have enjoyed continuing our ‘Minibeast’ topic this week, particularly learning lots about snails. We now know lots of snail facts and have written fact books! We have loved watching the caterpillars metamorphosing and today we saw one of the butterflies emerge from it’s chrysalis. It was very exciting and we are hoping to see the rest of the butterflies very soon!

Lots of children enjoyed eating bread and honey today, after learning lots about bees this week! 

Happy St George’s Day!

This week in Reception, we have been exploring MAGNETS! The children have been doing some great investigations with magnets, finding out which materials and objects in the classroom are magnetic and explaining why or why not, investigating the magnetic field of various magnets, talking about the north and south poles within a magnet and which sides attract and which sides repel, using the repulsion of magnets to move and push objects and playing with magnetic games and toys. We have been so impressed with the knowledge that the children have gained and shared and the language that they have started to use to talk about magnets. Well done Reception Oak!

We had a fantastic afternoon showing off our Easter bonnets, taking part in an Easter themed song session outside and hunting for chocolate eggs! Thank you for your efforts at home with the Easter bonnets, the children looked amazing!

Easter Bonnet Parade and Egg Hunt!

Red Nose Day

Reception Oak, you have been AMAZING this week!! We are so proud of the way that you have all come back to school and settled back into Reception life. It has been an absolute joy to be back with all the children and to see them back with friends, chatting, playing, learning and exploring together. We missed you all so much and it’s great to be back!

Back to School Joy!

Special Delivery

Party Time!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Odd Socks Day!

P.E in Pyjamas!