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We loved making our healthy deserts for a child to eat after lunch.

We loved our tennis session today as part of our "Experience the Olympics" activities!

Popcorn making and games!

Investigating Healthy Foods and Focus Task: Preparing, cutting and making a smoothie following instructions.

Thank you SO much to all of the grown-ups who volunteered their time to make our Llandudno trip such a wonderful day. The children were amazing and have really had the ‘seaside’ experience! Team 2! 

Making art with nature in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Thank you so much to Miss McNally and Evie for helping us to have such a super Y2 Euros tournament!

We are PROUD to be us!

Today a small group of children took part in a Panathlon event at BTH in Altrincham

Art - Making under the sea sculptures using clay

Computing - Making a quiz about the seaside using Purplemash

Music with Mr Boardman

Comparing Durban (South Africa) to Sale!

Learning and practising the skill of tying shoelaces in PSHE!

PE: Learning to throw and catch the ball in Lacrosse with Coach Corey

Geography - Naming the Oceans of the World

Science - Setting up our experiment to investigate what plants need to grow.

Bryon Lacrosse with Coach Corey - We've been learning how to scoop a lacrosse ball!

Maths - Exploring and making 3D shapes

Science - Planting sunflower seeds to observe over time

PE - Dance

Final product - take a look at our moon buggy toys we made for a Year 1 child to carry an item on whilst playing with it.

DT - wheels and axils focused task. We practised different techniques for joining wheels and axils to make our moon buggies.

Wilson Lacrosse Session