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Nursery 21/22

Welcome to Nursery!

We hope that you find the information on this page helpful and informative.


Please note -  In the event your child is required to isolate due to Covid - please use the information in the star below to support home learning.

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Thank you!

The team would like to express their thanks for all of the kind words, cards and gifts that we have received from families. We have loved working with everyone this year and, although we are sad to see the children move on, we know that they are ready for the fun of Reception! We hope everyone has a restful summer break. 

Walton Park

This week we went on our Nursery trip to Walton Park. After walking along the canal, we explored the playground and took several rides on train. We were all very excited about the visit from the ice cream van! The children had a great time and we are grateful to all of our parent volunteers for supporting the trip.


Passionate Protectors!

We have spent time thinking about how we can all help to care for our world. In Nursery we have identified simple ways that we can help including turning lights off, recycling, walking to school and not dropping litter.

We were helped by a visit from Sale Wombles, who showed the children the impact of litter around us and helped to children to clear the nursery garden. Very exciting!


We have loved learning about mini beasts and spending time hunting for them in the Nursery garden. The children have learnt about the features of different mini beasts, how they move and where they like to live. Resources on our 'mini beast trolley' have enabled the children to hunt for creatures, identify and draw them. Some children even decided to make their own information book about minibeasts!

Learning about lifecycles

We have been exploring how living things grow and change over time. The children loved having caterpillars in Nursery and were thrilled as they saw them move through the different stages.  They showed their learning in many different ways and were keen to share their knowledge with others. We finally released the butterflies this week. Well done everyone!

The children have loved exploring our fabulous outdoor equipment. We will find many new ways to work with the pieces over the coming weeks. Take a look at the pictures to see the different pieces we can use to develop our skills.

Eid has been a special celebration for a number of children in Nursery and we have enjoyed sharing their photos and experiences, learning about the importance of this time of year.

After the holidays, the children were keen to share about their experiences and trips. We have talked about famous landmarks and Big Ben in particular. The children have made clocks, built tall buildings and visited the garden to see and hear the clock on St Paul's church. 


We have explored the changes around us at this time of year, looking at the weather, growth and events!


Our beanstalks have grown beautifully and we have leant about how to care for plants in our garden. The children have looked carefully at different flowers and created their own representations of flowers and gardens.

Opportunities to explore outside have increased with the dry weather and the children have enjoyed exploring different resources, building their skills in a range of ways.

The number of important events and celebrations has grown to include Mothers Day and Easter. The children love to share their knowledge and experiences, whilst also listening to others to find out more.

Books! Books! Books!

During February we have been talking about our favourite books and using them as a starting point for our learning.


Having read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. we retold the story using our voices, faces and actions. The children loved creating their own story maps and using them in their play. We looked at real maps of Sale and drew the way that we would walk to nursery from our homes.


We have used our imagination after reading 'Not a Box' and the children had some amazing ideas around how they could use an empty box and create something different and exciting! With help from the adults, we created jewellery boxes, guitars, cars and even computers!


'Shark in the Park' encouraged us to listen carefully to words and hear the rhyming within the story. We then explored other different rhyming books and made up our own rhymes.


We love sharing books and using the ideas in our play!


We have been talking about the changes that we see around us in Winter. Over the past few weeks, the children have experienced all kinds of winter weather from heavy hail to crisp frost and bright sunshine. We noticed the bare trees and spent time talking about the features of trees, before reading one of our favourite stories ‘Stickman (written by Julia Donaldson).The children have loved printing their own winter trees at the ease, reflecting their knowledge in art. 
This month we have started two brand new activities.  We have a weekly session of  ‘Write Dance’ in the hall, where the children develop their strength and coordination in preparation for writing, and Tom the PE coach has started simple activities with small groups, where the children learn about listening and movement as they develop their skills. 
We are all very excited about all of these new opportunities and being able to take part is an important part of our preparation for Reception! 

Christmas Crackers!


Over the past two weeks we have been learning about the celebration of Christmas, with lots of discussion about how people celebrate in different ways and why Christmas is a particularly special time of year for some people.

Have a look at our photos to see all of our different activities.


We would like to thank all of our families for their ongoing support and appreciate all of your kind words, messages and gifts at this time. We hope that you all have a restful and healthy break and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2022!


During this month we have been talking about colour around us in our daily life.

The children loved 'going on a colour hunt' around Nursery and were excited about the opportunity to create new colours through our colour mixing activity. We have learnt about rainbows and have learnt the signs to accompany our Rainbow song.

The events of Bonfire Night and Diwali helped us to think about how colour is used in celebrations, with lots of opportunities to talk about fireworks, clothes and decorations. Take a look at our photos to see how busy we have been.

Nursery Rhyme Challenge!

Our Nursery children took the Rhyme Challenge this month and performed their rhymes for parents to watch at home.

The children practised the 10 rhymes and were very excited at the day of the performance approached. In recognition of their hard work, we made a collection in aid of Children in Need and raised £110. Thank you to everyone involved and to Mrs Chard and Mrs Gardner who came to watch the performances and present the children with their special certificates.

We are a team!

Over the past few weeks, we have talked about working together as a 'Nursery team', being kind and caring for each other. The children have learnt about taking turns and sharing the resources with their friends. We know that we are all different but we are all part of the big team. Well done Team Nursery!

Settling into Nursery life

The children have had a fantastic first week in Nursery. They have been amazing and have settled so quickly into our routines, having lots of fun exploring and making new friends. Well done to everyone!


Welcome to Nursery!


We are looking forward to meeting you and your child over the next week. Please take time together to look at the photos and watch the videos.

A welcome message from Mrs Hughes

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Ms Owen reads ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell

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Mrs Hughes reads ‘Peace at last’ by Jill Murphy

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Mrs Walker reads ‘The tiger who came to tea’ by Judith Kerr

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Mrs Hughes sings ‘1,2,3,4,5’

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Ms Owen sings ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’

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Mrs Walker sings the rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’.

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At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together