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Maths in Year 2

Number in Year 2


During the autumn terms we have focused our maths learning on number. Developing good number sense in your child helps them to solve a variety of problems in maths. We have been focusing on...


  • doubling numbers
  • comparing numbers
  • halving numbers
  • partitioning into tens and ones
  • finding ten more/less than a given number to 100
  • finding one more/less than a given number to 100
  • counting in 2s, 5's and 10's forwards and backwards
  • adding a single digit to a two-digit number and adding two 2-digit numbers (crossing the tens) 
  • subtracting a single digit from a two digit and subtracting a two digit number from another two digit number (crossing the tens)
  • Recognising coins/notes. Making exact amounts of money. Different possible ways to make a given amount and finding change.


Please continue to practise subtraction with your child at home. We teach this by partitioning ONLY the number to take away. We then subtract the tens and then the ones. Your child needs to be confident at counting backwards in order to use this strategy. i.e. 54 - 19 = ? (54 - 10 = 44 then 44-9 = 35).

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