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Upcoming maths learning...


Next half term the children are learning about addition and subtraction. It's really important your child has a solid understanding of number and place value before they can move onto this (i.e. 21 = 20 + 1 or 2 tens and 1 one). We have started to consider fact families in numbers and will begin to apply our knowledge of place value to help us with addition and later-on subtraction. Please don't teach your child column addition as this may confuse them and is something they will learn at a later date. Playing board games at home is a fun way to practise careful counting, basic addition and also recognising numbers (i.e. on a die). 


Ask your child to look at the numbers below can they find all the addition and subtraction number sentences using those numbers? Maybe you can make up some more fact families?





This half term our focus is on Number. We want the children to be able to read and write numbers as words and numerals and represent numbers in a variety of ways. It's really important for your child to understand which each digit means in a two digit number, before they can move on with their Maths learning. We continue to develop children's thinking and reasoning skills through problem solving and greater depth and mastery challenges where applicable.


To help your child at home you can play lots of games (involving dice, counting and numbers), practise counting on and back in tens from a two digit number (34,44,54,64 etc), write two digit numbers correctly and discuss how many tens and ones are in each number. Find two digit numbers in the environment on your walk to school and discuss how many tens and ones it contains.

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