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2020 - 2021 Year 5

Our amazing Hawaiian-themed Summer Fair! Thank you Springfield PTA!

Science - Lifecycles of plants - We had great fun getting our hands a little bit sticky whilst investigating the seeds of different fruits!

We are so proud of Finley and Lucy for entering the Trafford 500 Words Competition during lockdown with their incredible stories. Their entries were submitted and read by 8 English experts from Trafford! Well done you two and thank you for your creativity and effort.

During our computing week, Year 5 are learning all about programming and are enjoying using Scratch to create some a-MAZE-ing games!


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Favourite Books and Authors. Year 5 did a homework project on their favourite books and authors and have been presenting them to the class. It's good to share!

Year 5 had great fun creating their own tessellated designs in maths .


In Maths, we have been learning about the types of angles. The children wrote their own songs, raps and poems to help us remember the Angle Family (the types of angles). Take a look at their amazing creations! Miss Landi was blown away by their enthusiasm.

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Europe - The children have been having lots of fun using the atlases to develop their geography skills and knowledge. They were able to locate different European countries, find out their capital cities and find natural geographical features such as rivers and mountain ranges.

Swimming - Hubble are so excited to get the opportunity to go swimming after missing out in Y4!

Earth and Space

We have started our Earth and Space learning, using fruit to order the planets from the Sun. We were then excited to find out lots of fun and interesting facts about the planets in our Solar System! 

Escape the room! Science - Properties of Materials

Red Nose Day

The children have loved wearing their red noses today and supporting such a good cause! 

British Science Week


Over the past two weeks, Year 5 have been working hard to innovate for the future! We enjoyed learning about all sorts of innovators and we learned a lot about how things have developed through time. Everyone worked fantastically in teams to think of their very own innovation for the future which they designed, created and presented to their classes.

Keeping Active!

Year 5 have been extremely active today - we all know how important it is to stay active, both for a body and our mind! Here are some pictures of Newton enjoying some of their activity!

Year 5 Lockdown Gallery!


Wow! The Year 5 team have been blown away by the strength, determination and motivation all year 5 pupils have shown throughout the last seven weeks - both those learning from home and those in our keyworker bubble. Their teamwork with both class teachers and other year 5 pupils during this challenging time has been outstanding and we could not be more proud. We have seen wonderful examples of creative, thoughtful and interesting pieces of work - all of which showcase the children's appreciation for challenging themselves in their learning. Through our daily Teams well-being calls and messages, we have all been able to continue to support and care for one another. Take a look below at just a small selection of our lockdown superstars and their achievements!

PE with Toby!

Dear Year 5 Parents and Carers,


A very merry Christmas from the Year 5 Team, and a massive thank you for all the lovely, generous and heartfelt cards and presents. We are so grateful for all the support you have shown us over the last few months, and look forward to reconnecting with you in the New Year. Have a restful and safe festive break.


Our warmest wishes,


Miss Torrance, Miss Beddow, Miss Landi, Miss Sherlock and Mrs Walker.

The Y5 Christmas Countdown 

‘Tis the season to be jolly!’ As it is coming up to a busy last week of the Christmas term here are some reminders of what will be happening and when. Parents and Carers can also email class teachers with any additional questions.





Friday 11.12

Crazy Christmas Hair

Last day to take Christmas cards in

Come to school with a crazy design for fun (no donation required)

Cards will be given out next week

Monday 14.12

P.E. kits as usual

Viking Projects due. We will go over these in class


Email a copy of your completed projects to class teacher

Tuesday 15.12

Christmas craft day

Chocolate tombola


Bring in a £1 to school to win a chocolate prize

Wednesday 16.12

Make a Christmas party hat in the morning

Christmas party Afternoon

Come to school in your own Christmas party clothes. £1 to parent pay for party contribution.

Thursday 17.12

P.E. Kits as usual

Christmas treat


Receive a Christmas treat from Father Christmas

Friday 18.12

Y5 Token Treat. Pyjama day with Christmas films

Christmas sparkle day

Come to school in your pyjamas (please leave the teddies and blankets at home; we will be cosy enough in school!)

Come to school wearing something sparkly.  A badge, bobble, hairband etc (no donation required).


Viking Projects

Year 5 have show an exceptional effort showcasing their projects. It looks like everyone had lots of fun in the process and has learned lots! We had a great time showing them all to each other, learning lots more about the Vikings. Many thanks to everyone at home for their support with these projects. Please enjoy looking through the photos of our presentations.



In Hubble, in order to really get into the minds of the character's from the story 'Bling', we enjoyed the drama 'status game' and hot-seating the character of Billy! Well done everyone!

Super SPAG

We have been working on how to make our sentences more exciting using expanded noun phrases and with accurate punctuation.

Here is a table that we have looked at to make sure we include all we need in an expanded noun phrase.

Here are some of our excellent expanded noun phrases!

5 Hawking's completed Picasso Portraits!

Who was the rightful king in 1066?


Year 5 have been looking at the different contenders to the throne after King Edward the Confessor died in 1066. There were four main contenders, Harold Godwineson, William of Normandy, Harald Hadrada and Edgar Aethling, each of which had there own reasons for claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne. The children worked in small groups, focusing on one of the contenders and built a campaign speech to convince others they were the rightful heir!


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Christmas SPAG Challenges!


In Hubble, the children were challenges today to create a paragraph using a Christmas related picture prompt. There paragraph had to be made up of 5 sentences, each of which had a specific challenge to include! 


For this picture the children had to include:

-Sentence 1: Relative clause

-Sentence 2: Commas to separate items in a list

-Sentence 3: An -ed/-ing starter

-Sentence 4: brackets

-Sentence 5: Fronted time adverbial


Here is Patrick's example!

Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

Optical illusions inspired by Bridget Riley!

Who Was Greater?

We have learned about the reign of King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan as Anglo-Saxon Kings. We did a debate with our arguments for who was greater focusing on what impact each King had. Who do you think was Greater?

Hubble enjoying their fantastic Friday board games!

Caitlin's Anglo-Saxon Goddess

The Anglo-Saxons were Pagan (meaning they worshipped many Gods) and we created our own gods and goddesses based on the real Gods that the Anglo-Saxons worshipped. Many of the gods had their own symbols and animals to represent them. Here is Caitlin's goddess 'Grettle' - the goddess of Nature!

When The Vikings Came

We have created our own timelines to show the events in Britain during the time period of the Vikings. The Vikings arrived in 787 AD until they were defeated during the Battle of Hastings in 1066!

Comic Creators!


This half term in their Fantastic Friday sessions, Newton have been planning and creating their very own Superhero comics! They are getting very creative and letting their imaginations flow - we can't wait to see their finished pieces!