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2020 - 2021 Nursery

Thank you!

We would like to say a BIG Thank you for all of your kind words, cards and gifts.

It has been a joy to work with the children this year and their smiles and enthusiasm have cheered us on the most difficult of days.

We wish you all a lovely summer  - let's hope the weather stays good!


The Nursery Team


A very busy couple of weeks for our end of year!

We have been talking about different countries and exploring our globe to find countries that are special to us and our friends.

Thinking about how we can care for our world, the children have learnt about litter and importance of recycling.

In preparation for September, we have been learning about life in Reception, meeting the new teachers and exploring what might be the same / different next year. The children are very excited about this new step and we are thrilled to see their enthusiasm!

Our Summer Fair was an exciting session, where the children (and adults!) were able to try out some traditional fair games. The children had a fantastic day and loved every minute.





Learning about our bodies has been great fun. The children have been fascinated by how their body works as  a whole to help them move, breathe, learn and think. Noticing the details on their body has helped them to become more aware of how each part works together each day. This week we have focused on senses; why they are important and how people learn in different ways if they are not able to use one of their senses.

We have been making the most of the lovely weather and exploring outside, learning about the world around us.

The children have been investigating the different types of mini beast in the gardens and have learnt about their appearance, how they move and where they live. Having shown a particular interest in bees, we looked at them in detail and now know that they don't just sting, but have an important part to play in our world.


We have loved learning about Traditional Tales over the past few weeks. Our favourite stories have included Jack and the Beanstalk, The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man. After sharing the stories together, we have had the opportunity to reflect our learning in different ways - acting, creating, building, drawing. We have even started to tell our own stories and share them with our friends!

After 4 long weeks of waiting, we welcomed 5 butterflies into Nursery! The children were fascinated to watch the different stages of the lifecycle and were full of questions about each stage as it happened before their eyes. 


We have loved the warmer weather this week and we have been taking lots of opportunites to extend our outdoor learning.


The children have enjoyed exploring the space of the bigger playground on bikes and scooters. Lots of physical work and learning about turn taking and negotiating with resources!



We have been talking about the changes around us in Spring, looking at flowers, trees and new growth. The children have planted seeds and enjoyed exploring our digging area. Our caterpillars will be arriving soon and we are very excited!

We're so glad to be back!



We have had a great week settling back into Nursery life. It has been lovely to see all of the children again and catch up with their news. We have been amazed at how well everyone has returned to Nursery and the team would like to say a big 'thank you' to all of our families for their ongoing support. 

Here are a few photos of our activities this week and we are looking forward to some fabulous weeks ahead!

World Book Day - Celebrating together at home and in Nursery!

Update - 

Nursery is open for those families wishing to return. We ask that you inform us via email if you wish you child to resume their nursery place. The email address is

We will continue to offer home learning on Tapestry for those families who are currently staying at home.

Please contact the team if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime.


School Closure - Learning from Home

We are all saddened to hear about the latest government announcements with regards to schools closing, however, we want to assure you that as your child's teachers, we will be supporting you through the whole period. While this will be a difficult change for many of us, we know that it is in the best interest of our community's health and wellbeing.  


We will providing home learning activities and videos through our online Tapestry. Please check the account on a daily basis for updates.


As a way of keeping in touch with you and your child throughout lockdown, we strongly encourage you to post photographs, videos and observations of your child on your Tapestry account, These observations will then become part of your child's learning journal. In the early years, quality play experiences are essential to your child's development and the activities we have planned are designed to support this.


We are still your child's teachers and their education and wellbeing are of upmost importance to us, as it is to you as parents.  We send our best wishes to you and your family - as we say at Springfield 'Together we are a Team!'


If you have any individual queries or questions regarding your child, please continue to use the email address: This email address will be monitored regularly.


We have attached some additional useful links and resources in the Home Learning section below.


As always, December has been a busy month with lots of new experiences and fun! 

Opportunities and activities across Nursery have helped us to develop our cutting skills, learn about syllables in words, play with rhyming words, improve our balance and learn about moving in different ways, talk about our feelings, and perform songs and rhymes in our Rhyme Challenge..

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about the celebration of Christmas, with lots of discussion about how people celebrate and why Christmas is a special time of year for some people.


We would like to thank all of our families for their ongoing support and appreciate all of your kind words, messages and gifts at this time. We hope that you all have a restful and healthy break and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2021!


Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Children in Need collection and we are proud to say that the Nursery have added £65.68 to the appeal.

We talked with the children about why the day was so important and how they could help others in their daily life. The children loved showing their patterned clothes on the 'stage' and we had a fun session with activities, games and a party snack.

Thank you once again to all of our families for their support,


During this month we have been talking about colour around us in our daily life.

The children loved 'going on a colour hunt' around Nursery and were excited about the opportunity to create new colours through our colour mixing activity. We have learnt the signs to accompany our Rainbow song and performed it on a video for our families to see!


The events of Bonfire Night and Diwali helped us to think about how colour is used in celebrations, with lots of opportunities to talk about fireworks, clothes and decorations. Take a look at our photos to see how busy we have been.




We have been learning about the importance of listening and have worked together in lots of different ways to develop our skills. The children have loved playing listening games and listening carefully in story time. Ollie the Owl now has his own tree in our nursery and, as he is so good at looking and listening carefully, he helps us to remember how to listen each day.


After meeting Ollie, the children enjoyed learning more about owls, their features and where they live. 'Owl Babies' (by Martin Waddell) was a great story to share and this led to opportunities for storytelling, painting and drawing, as the children showed their learning in different ways.


We have had a very busy month hosting ‘Garden Visits’ to meet our new families and then welcoming the children into nursery.

The children have been amazing and have settled very quickly into our busy environment. Many thanks to all of the parents and families for their support while we work to develop relationships with the children. 

The children are growing in independence and are enjoying exploring and investigating the different learning opportunities in nursery. We are spending a lot of time talking about working together, sharing and helping our friends. As we play together, adults often hear the children talking about being part of our 'nursery team'. The children are fantastic with looking after our resources and, believe it or not, they are also keen to help with tidying up!

Exploring our activities...

More children are settling in.....

Our first few days in Nursery....

For your information..

As part of our additional risk assessment in the current circumstances, it may be necessary for nursery- staff to wear a face visor at times (please see the picture below).

We will be showing the children the visors whilst they are in the nursery and hope that this will help them to feel more comfortable should it be necessary for staff to use them. Thank you for your understanding.

We welcome you and your child to Springfield Nursery!

Please take a moment to watch this welcome video and then explore the options below - the videos and photos will help to familiarise your child with the nursery and the adults that they will be working with.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon,


A message for new parents

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Have a look inside nursery.

Nursery in action last year.

Watch Ms Owen read her favourite story - 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' by Judith Kerr

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Mrs Cutteridge reads her favourite story - 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell

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Mrs Hughes has chosen to read 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.

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At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together