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Year 6 - Learning at Home

Home Learning Monday 6th July - Friday 17th July

Group A - Complete Mon 13th July - Fri 17th July

Group B - Complete Mon 6th July - Fri 10th July

Non - returning children complete at your own pace.

This is the last unit of home learning that will be uploaded this academic year. If you wish to continue with your home learning over the summer holidays, please use the online resources available at the bottom of this page.

Leaver's Hoodies!

We are ordering Leaver's Hoodies! However we are only going to order the amount required, as some children are not yet in school and some children are not returning - but anyone who wants one can have one! Parents will receive an email with a link to confirm whether or not you would like a hoodie. If you want one you must confirm so using the link before the deadline!

The 2020 Yearbook is here! Order yours on Parent Pay ASAP!

High School Transition

Please check the websites of your new schools as there are now lots of transition activities, videos and information available.

Democracy Group A Chuck Close Inspired Portraits

Home Learning Monday 22nd July - Friday 3rd July

Group A - Complete Mon 29th June - Fri 3rd July

Group B - Complete Mon 22nd June - Fri 26th June

Non - returning children complete at your own pace.


The next home learning work will be added on Friday 3rd July.

Transition to High School Work

Welcome back Unity Group B!

Welcome Back Democracy Group B!

Welcome Back Democracy Group A,

Welcome Back Unity Group A!

Welcome Back to School from Liberty Group A

Home Learning Monday 8th June - Friday 19th June

This work is for:

Group A to complete Mon 15th June - Fri 19th June

Group B to complete Mon 8th June - Fri 12th June

Those children who are not returning to school at present, please complete at your leisure during this two week period.


Hi everyone, we have been in school getting everything ready and planning for your return! For those of you who are returning from next week, we need you to do the following:


1) Bring in your Fairytale Flashback on your first day back (this will stay in school).

2) On the Friday of each week, the home learning for the week you are not in school will be posted on the home learning page.

3) Please email in your bio for the yearbook to with the subject "Yearbook" (Name, I have enjoyed / loved my time at Springfield, My favourite subjects are, My friends are, When I'm older I want to be, My Favourite memory was, optional final sentence).

4) Please email any photos of your time at Springfield for the yearbook to with the subject "Yearbook"


When you return, Springfield will not be the same physically but our ethos and values will remain. You will need to be prepared for different routines and arrangements but don't worry we will help you get used to things quickly and easily. We look forward to seeing you back at school soon!


Year 6 Team

Good Morning Y6!


I hope you have been enjoying the fantastic weather we had over the first week of Whit! If you were meant to go abroad for a sunny holiday - you didn't have to because the weather came to us!

For this second week of what is / was the Whit Holidays, we have put together a grid of activities to keep you busy. You will find the grid below.

(Further down the page are the links to all of the other key learning providers should you need them)


We are busy planning your return to school for next week, starting on Wednesday 10th June. We can't wait to see you and be back in our class rooms.


Hat, sun glasses and sun cream in this weather!


Mr Moth, Mrs Taylor and Mr Stanley






Good Morning Y6!


We hope you have enjoyed the sunny bank holiday weekend with your families. This week is / was the first week of the Whit Holidays. As a school we are not setting any new home learning and see it as a week to recharge. We are busy planning your return to school from the 10th June and more information will be sent out over the next 2 weeks to explain what that will look like and when you will actually be coming in to school. We are really looking forward to seeing you and getting back to as near normal as possible. 
Should you wish to continue any home learning this week you can continue with the English “Flashback” unit below and use any of the links to; Oak Academy, White Rose Maths, Nrich Maths or BBC Bitesize. 

Have a great week and stay safe in the sun!


Y6 Teachers



Hi Everyone, 

We are starting to think about our return to school and how you can prepare yourselves for learning back in the classroom. We would like you to complete a Flashback Story unit of writing to bring with you on your return to school. This will form the first few lessons back. Please work through each section of the task as a lesson per day. We can't to read your first drafts!


From your Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Hancock - Together we are a Team

Still image for this video

Mrs Hancock - Support and Care

Still image for this video

Daily Lessons

Here is a website that is providing daily lessons. These will really help to structure your learning. There are three lessons each day: one English, one Maths and one Foundation subject (Art, Music, History etc).



VE Day Week!


This week we are learning about VE Day - as Friday's Bank Holiday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day - the end of WW2).

There will be lots of coverage about this event in the media despite us being in lockdown. Street parties and community events had been planned - but can continue in your own home! There is so much to learn about what led to the Allies Victory in Europe, how it happened, how it was reported and then celebrated back home.


Use the activities and links below to learn about the importance of VE Day, celebrate at home on Friday and send any pictures to the Y6 email address!

VE Day Activity Grid 1

VE Day Activity Grid 2


Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all ok. 

Well done to the following children who have been working incredibly hard on their Times Tables Rock Stars:

Matilda D, Elena, Sophia R-R, Ryan, Elizabeth, Edward, Lewis K, Oliver, Avid, Mariam and Isabel.

Another big well done to the following children who have completed 18 or more Read Theory comprehension tasks in the last 9 days (2 per school day):

Becky, Mariam, Sharanya, James, Jessica, Aamira, Varish, Isabel, Anna, Frankie, Deepika and Bethan.


Topic Project: Climate Change Book

This would have been our Geography TASC project for Summer 1. Create your own climate change project, presented in any way you wish. Choose a selection of tasks from the ideas sheet below or why not come up with your own ideas as well?




Hi, everyone! We hope you are still making time to keep your learning going! Just a quick reminder of some of the tasks available to you:

Time Tables Rock Stars

- I have added a girls vs boys battle! 

- Well done to Aamira & Mariam for working super hard and completing over 30 games this week!

- Well done to Isabel, Becky and Jake for hitting 10+ games for the week!


Read Theory

- Keep up those reading comprehension skills using Read Theory. Try to complete 2 or more tests each day!

- Well done to Prerna, Mariam and Becky for completing more than 20 tests since we broke up!

- Well done to Shiranya, Isabel, Varish and Avid for completing more than 20 tests since we broke up!

-Well done to Jamal and Natasha for completing more than 20 tests since we broke up!


I Can Do Maths

- Try to spend 10 minutes a day to complete one test each week. Why not ask your parent to mark it for you and explain to them how you got your answers?


SPaG Buster

- 10 minutes a day for each test. Ask someone at home to test you on the spellings at the end of each section.


Maths CGP Revision Book

- Try to complete one section or two pages each day!


Reading Journals

- Hopefully you are using this time to find new books and authors to read. PLease continue to complete your Reading Journal at the end of each chapter!

- When you have completed a book, ask your adult to email a photo to the Year Group email address so we can share them on the website!


Keep up all the other activities and hobbies you have time to really get stuck in to during this period!



Dear Year 6, 

We hope you are all safe and well at home. School feels empty without you. We have been working hard to find activities that you can use to help you with your learning at home. We will update this page with new activities every 2-3 weeks. Please carry on using your CGP books and the links below.


Year 6 Teachers 

Dear Year 6,


As we are not attending school for the foreseeable future, we will be setting guidance on how best to keep your education going whilst at home. It is really important that we keep our minds and bodies active and healthy!


Please follow the suggested daily activities and guidance below.


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our parents for their continued support and to wish everyone a safe and quick return to normality (whenever that may be).


Year 6 Teachers


CGP Maths - 2 pages per day (not weekends)

I Can Do Maths - 1 Test Per Week

SPaG SAT Buster - 1 test per day (not weekends)

Read Theory - 2 or 3 comprehensions per day (not weekends)


Reading Homework

To continue your understanding and enjoyment of the books you are reading at home, you must keep up with your Reading Journal entries. You can present these tasks creatively, in any way you like, on a double-page in your Reading Journal. Please see the example sheet in your Reading Journal for inspiration and the activities sheet for ideas to choose from. Over the course of the year, you will build up a bank of double-page-spreads to show your reading journey throughout Year 6! Have fun with it and get creative! 

Useful Websites


Children can use these websites on a regular basis to keep skills sharp in Reading, Writing and Maths.

This website has a learning pack for Year 6 children to download and work on at home.

Why not continue your writing adventure by using these amazing daily stimuli?!

One-hour Computing tutorials


Keep your body active:

PE with Body Coach Joe Wicks - a daily PE lesson live from his YouTube channel at 9am  Joe Wick's 5 minute move videos  A range of yoga and mindfulness activities suitable for all ages.

A range of active games and challenges with a Disney theme, some for multiple players.



Keep being creative!

So many of you are amazing artists and love to draw and make - so use this opportunity to get even better! 

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together