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Year 6 - Learning at Home


Dear Year 6, 

We hope you are all safe and well at home. School feels empty without you. We have been working hard to find activities that you can use to help you with your learning at home. We will update this page with new activities every 2-3 weeks. Please carry on using your CGP books and the links below.


Year 6 Teachers 

Dear Year 6,


As we are not attending school for the foreseeable future, we will be setting guidance on how best to keep your education going whilst at home. It is really important that we keep our minds and bodies active and healthy!


Please follow the suggested daily activities and guidance below.


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our parents for their continued support and to wish everyone a safe and quick return to normality (whenever that may be).


Year 6 Teachers


CGP Maths - 2 pages per day (not weekends)

CGP Maths - 2 pages per day (not weekends) 1

I Can Do Maths - 1 Test Per Week

I Can Do Maths - 1 Test Per Week  1

SPaG SAT Buster - 1 test per day (not weekends)

SPaG SAT Buster - 1 test per day (not weekends)  1

Read Theory - 2 or 3 comprehensions per day (not weekends)


Reading Homework

To continue your understanding and enjoyment of the books you are reading at home, you must keep up with your Reading Journal entries. You can present these tasks creatively, in any way you like, on a double-page in your Reading Journal. Please see the example sheet in your Reading Journal for inspiration and the activities sheet for ideas to choose from. Over the course of the year, you will build up a bank of double-page-spreads to show your reading journey throughout Year 6! Have fun with it and get creative! 

Useful Websites


Children can use these websites on a regular basis to keep skills sharp in Reading, Writing and Maths.

This website has a learning pack for Year 6 children to download and work on at home.

Why not continue your writing adventure by using these amazing daily stimuli?!

One-hour Computing tutorials


Keep your body active:

PE with Body Coach Joe Wicks - a daily PE lesson live from his YouTube channel at 9am  Joe Wick's 5 minute move videos  A range of yoga and mindfulness activities suitable for all ages.

A range of active games and challenges with a Disney theme, some for multiple players.



Keep being creative!

Keep being creative! 1
Keep being creative! 2
So many of you are amazing artists and love to draw and make - so use this opportunity to get even better! 

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together