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Year 5 Hubble

Sending a big smiley 'Hello!' to everybody from Hubble Bubble B!

A huge smiley hello from Hubble Bubble A to everyone else!

A HUGE thank you to Mr Brown from Emerald Materials for his informative and interactive session on his interesting role as a Chemical Engineer. Great questions 5 Hubble!

Science Week - Yesterday we celebrated Science Week by having a day of science activities. I the morning the children rotated around the different Year 5 classrooms experiencing a design and make challenge, an experiment and a presentation activity. In the afternoon, the children researched different, inspirational scientists throughout history and presented to the rest of the class. We are very lucky to be having a parent of the school coming in on Thursday afternoon to talk to the children about their work as a chemical engineer!

World Book Day - the children were given the opportunity to mix across the year today to show their drama adaptations of their 'This is Not a Fairytale' pieces of writing.

Computing - last week the children had great fun using the 2Design and Make programme on Purple Mash to design a 3D house, car and container for a jet engine!

English - Exploring explanation text layouts

We are beginning to look at explanation texts in our English lessons this half term. The children really enjoyed trying to trick each other during our 'two truths and a lie' game about our moon text!

Spreadsheets - In computing lessons this week the children have become familiar with spreadsheets. They have been using a program on Purple Mash, called 2 Calculate, whereby they were working out costings for a pretend party.

Jodrell Bank Reflections - The children got so much from their visit to Jodrell bank!

A huge congratulations to these children for getting their self-portraits selected to be entered into the Stockport Grammar School art competition - good luck to them all! Well done to the whole year group for the amazing effort put in.

The children had a fantastic time at Jodrell Bank yesterday! They got to go inside the inflatable planetarium (a highlight for many of them) as well as exploring different exhibits and taking part in a Mars Rover challenge in teams!

Chinese New Year - Letian and Sophia kindly shared information about Chinese New Year to the class and talked about how it is celebrated, thank you girls!

The children's creative juices were flowing yesterday when they created their self portraits. They used a range of different medias and the results were incredible - great work Hubble!

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about the solar system in science. We used fruit to demonstrate the comparative sizes of the planets and spaced them out on the playground to gain an understanding of distance between the planets and distance from the sun.

Viking homework projects! What an incredible effort everybody has made with their homework's - we all enjoyed seeing the different ways everyone presented their tasks in all three of the classes!

The children have worked so hard to create their Lewis chess pieces out of clay, they used salt dough to practice their techniques then clay for their final piece. They use cocktail sticks to etch in detailed patterns to finish their pieces off.

As a treat for the children, each Year 5 class used their instruction writing to make a loaf of Viking bread which we all enjoyed a taste of with a smidge of honey!

Designing a Viking style Lewis Chess piece! Yesterday we used our computing skills to help us to research the Lewis Chessmen and came up with two designs of our own. Tomorrow, we will be deciding which design we like most and will create our chess piece using clay.

Maths code breaking! The children have been using amazing teamwork to figure out the secret messages - well done everyone!

On Monday the children were getting into the spirit of Christmas at their Christmas party!

The children astounded me with their computing skills on Monday! They were all able to create a maze game on Scratch using their knowledge of algorithms. They showed incredible perseverance and determination throughout the session to problem solve and their support of each other was fantastic to watch!

Scratch coding - on Wednesday we started learning about algorithms using Scratch, the children loved working out how to create shapes, sprites, backgrounds and sounds etc. using algorithms. They will be using this knowledge next week to create their own games.

Water resistance investigations! Hubble have certainly become a class of experimental scientists this week - the children enjoyed planning and carrying out their investigations and were able to show a lot of understanding about water resistance.

GIST Road Safety Visit - The children have been learning all about road safety in relation to HGVs today, they had an assembly and were even able to sit in the driver's seat to experience what the drivers can see.

Science - investigating friction!

Values Day - We reflected today on our school values and the children thought of many different examples of them using the values this half term!

Anglo-Saxon Projects! Wow, wow, wow - what a fabulous effort made by everyone on their projects. Well done to everyone - you should all be so proud! As always, thank you to all parents and carers for your ongoing fabulous support.

World Mental Health Day - Last week we spoke about mental health in class. The children were very passionate about this and spoke with understanding, empathy and maturity. This week, Aniya shared the fundraising work that her mum has done for the charity 'Mind' and Esther shared a fabulous book called 'Be Brave' with lots of fabulous activity ideas to keep your mind healthy.

In Science, we measured the effect of air resistance by making parachutes and testing the way they fell. Different groups could change one thing about their parachute: size, shape, material. This meant they could measure these variables against the effects of air resistance.

The children were lucky enough to have demonstrations of some musical instruments today. This has inspired lots of children and those interested in lessons have taken a letter home.

Parachute experiment planning - The children worked amazingly in groups to design experiments for three different parachutes. Keep an eye out for pictures of them carrying out their experiments!

Massimo from Hawking was inspired by our 'World Space Day' assembly and kindly showed Hubble his AMAZING model!

Science - Measuring Weight and Mass

We have had special visitors from members of the Baha'i faith today. The children were very interested and asked lots of questions throughout whilst being incredibly respectful!

Time Travellers Fantastic Friday! Our group really enjoyed working in teams to do some ancient code breaking this afternoon!

Editing Stations - The children enjoyed working together to self and peer assess their myths and up-level their writing!

We had great fun getting the apparatus out to apply our learning from last week to short sequences!

PE - The children exploring partner/group balances with focus on counter balances.

Celebrating our Values!

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together