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Year 4 Rooks

We extended our learning of mains electricity and challenged ourselves to re-wire a plug.  We learnt about the functions of the earth wire, the natural wire and the live wire and made sure each wire was in the correct position within the plug to allow electricity to flow through it. 

Wiring a Plug

Wiring a Plug 1
Wiring a Plug 2
Wiring a Plug 3
Wiring a Plug 4
Wiring a Plug 5
Wiring a Plug 6
Wiring a Plug 7
All year we have been developing our reasoning skills to justify our answers and thinking in maths.  We enjoyed a lesson where we were offered different fractions of an amount of money and using our reasoning skills we had to justify why we chose the value we did!  We like to show our reasoning in thought bubbles.

Reasoning in Maths

Reasoning in Maths 1
Reasoning in Maths 2
Reasoning in Maths 3
Reasoning in Maths 4
Reasoning in Maths 5
Reasoning in Maths 6
Reasoning in Maths 7
Reasoning in Maths 8
Reasoning in Maths 9
Reasoning in Maths 10
Reasoning in Maths 11
Reasoning in Maths 12
Reasoning in Maths 13
Reasoning in Maths 14
Reasoning in Maths 15
In geography, we have been studying our country, the UK!  We have learnt about the difference between cities, counties and regions.  Together as a team, we researched physical and human features of different cities in the UK.  We discovered lots of interesting facts - Did you know that London is the most populated area in Britain and is the ninth largest city in the world?!

Map work

Map work 1
Map work 2
Map work 3
Map work 4
Map work 5
Map work 6
Map work 7
Map work 8
Map work 9
Map work 10
Map work 11
Map work 12
Map work 13
In PSHE, we have been learning about keeping safe and what to do in an emergency.  We learnt what to do if someone was unconscious and practised putting someone in the recovery position. 

First Aid

First Aid 1
First Aid 2
First Aid 3
First Aid 4
First Aid 5
First Aid 6
First Aid 7
First Aid 8
First Aid 9
First Aid 10
First Aid 11
First Aid 12
First Aid 13
First Aid 14
First Aid 15
First Aid 16
First Aid 17
First Aid 18
First Aid 19
Miss Bailey, Mrs Jackson, Mrs McNally and I (Miss Brame), would like to say a big thank you for all of the thoughtful and very generous gifts we have received. We hope you all had a restful and fun filled Christmas break!
In our Electricity topic, we used our knowledge of circuits to have a go at making switches out of various materials, we were very creative with our designs!  Everyone then made a switch using split pins, paper clips and card and demonstrated how the switch can complete and break a circuit to make the bulb flash.


Switches 1
Switches 2
Switches 3
Switches 4
Switches 5
Switches 6
Switches 7
Switches 8
Switches 9
Switches 10
Switches 11
Switches 12
Switches 13
Switches 14
Switches 15
Switches 16
As we start our new topic of Rivers, 4Rooks began by looking at our country, The United Kingdom, and identifying counties within the using maps.  We found some very small and interestingly named counties in our country!

Atlas Work

We all had a fabulous Greek Day where the children worked diligently on their independent TASC projects and enjoyed a delicious Grecian banquet. From music composition to Top Trump cards, the children shared their knowledge in a myriad of wonderful ways. What a brilliant way to finish our topic on Ancient Greece.

Greek Day

Greek Day 1
Greek Day 2
Greek Day 3
Greek Day 4
Greek Day 5
Greek Day 6
Greek Day 7
Greek Day 8
Greek Day 9
Greek Day 10
Greek Day 11
Greek Day 12
Greek Day 13
Greek Day 14
Greek Day 15
Greek Day 16
Greek Day 17
Greek Day 18
4Rooks had a blast at our Year 4 Christmas Party!
4Rooks had a special afternoon working as a team to code and programme a banana to be an input device with Mr Yarwood from Manchester Metropolitan University. The children had great fun tinkering and challenging themselves to work scientifically to create various working circuits using cells, motors, bulbs and buzzers, after forming their own hypotheses.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey 1
Makey Makey 2
Makey Makey 3
Makey Makey 4
Makey Makey 5
Makey Makey 6
Makey Makey 7
Makey Makey 8
Makey Makey 9
Makey Makey 10
Makey Makey 11
Makey Makey 12
Makey Makey 13
Makey Makey 14
Makey Makey 15
Makey Makey 16
Makey Makey 17
Makey Makey 18
Makey Makey 19
Makey Makey 20

The children had plenty of fun during our TASC day, making pita bread in keeping with our Ancient Greek topic. We were fortunate to have a visit from a miller which enabled the children learn about the process of making bread, how the wheat is separated from the chaff and ground into flour. We then looked at a recipe, measured out the ingredients which included flour and followed instructions to make our own pita bread. The best part was sampling the bread with some Greek accompaniments of hummus and tzatziki. Yummy!


Here is the link in case you want to have a go making pitta bread at home.

We loved to see each other's home learning around the topic "A Day in the Life of an Ancient Greek".  4Rooks clearly demonstrated the Springfield Value "We are motivated to achieve our best!"
Picture 1
We set up and conducted a fair test investigating the affects that drinks have on our teeth.  The egg shell represented the enamel of our teeth and we were shocked to see the results!

The Egg Shell Experiment

The Egg Shell Experiment 1
The Egg Shell Experiment 2
The Egg Shell Experiment 3
The Egg Shell Experiment 4
The Egg Shell Experiment 5
The Egg Shell Experiment 6
The Egg Shell Experiment 7
The Egg Shell Experiment 8
The Egg Shell Experiment 9
The Egg Shell Experiment 10
The Egg Shell Experiment 11
The Egg Shell Experiment 12
The Egg Shell Experiment 13
The Egg Shell Experiment 14
The Egg Shell Experiment 15
The Egg Shell Experiment 16
The Egg Shell Experiment 17
The Egg Shell Experiment 18
The Egg Shell Experiment 19
The Egg Shell Experiment 20
The Egg Shell Experiment 21
The Egg Shell Experiment 22
The Egg Shell Experiment 23
The Egg Shell Experiment 24
The Egg Shell Experiment 25
The Egg Shell Experiment 26
The Egg Shell Experiment 27
The Egg Shell Experiment 28
The Egg Shell Experiment 29
The Egg Shell Experiment 30
The Egg Shell Experiment 31
The Egg Shell Experiment 32
The Egg Shell Experiment 33
The Egg Shell Experiment 34
The Egg Shell Experiment 35
The Egg Shell Experiment 36
The Egg Shell Experiment 37
The Egg Shell Experiment 38
The Egg Shell Experiment 39

We had a special assembly to learn about road safety and the challenges HGV drivers have when driving. Later in the day, we had the opportunity to sit in the driver's seat of an HGV. We now understand how long it takes large vehicles to stop.

Using mirrors, we looked at our teeth and learnt all about the different types of teeth children and adult humans have.  Using this knowledge, we made models to show the different types of teeth a child has!  We also learnt about animals' teeth too.  Did you know that sharks can have 20,000 teeth in their lifetime?!


Teeth 1
Teeth 2
Teeth 3
Teeth 4
Teeth 5
Teeth 6
Teeth 7
Teeth 8
Teeth 9
Teeth 10
Teeth 11
Teeth 12
Teeth 13
Teeth 14
We have been learning all about Ancient Greece and how it has influenced our lives today, one of the legacies left by the Ancient Greeks is The Olympic Games.  The children enjoyed acting out Ancient Greek Olympic sports for their table to guess.

Ancient Greek Olympics

Ancient Greek Olympics 1
Ancient Greek Olympics 2
Ancient Greek Olympics 3
Ancient Greek Olympics 4
Ancient Greek Olympics 5
Ancient Greek Olympics 6
We had great fun learning about and carrying out some hands on investigations about the digestive system. You can see in the photos how much the children enjoyed replicating the intestines using tights and turning weetabix into poo!

The Human Digestive System

The Human Digestive System 1
The Human Digestive System 2
The Human Digestive System 3
The Human Digestive System 4
The Human Digestive System 5
The Human Digestive System 6
The Human Digestive System 7
The Human Digestive System 8
The Human Digestive System 9
The Human Digestive System 10
The Human Digestive System 11
The Human Digestive System 12
The Human Digestive System 13
The Human Digestive System 14
The Human Digestive System 15
The Human Digestive System 16
The Human Digestive System 17
The Human Digestive System 18
The Human Digestive System 19
The Human Digestive System 20
The Human Digestive System 21
The Human Digestive System 22
The Human Digestive System 23
The Human Digestive System 24
The Human Digestive System 25
The Human Digestive System 26
The Human Digestive System 27
The Human Digestive System 28
The Human Digestive System 29
The Human Digestive System 30
The Human Digestive System 31
The Human Digestive System 32
The Human Digestive System 33
The Human Digestive System 34
The Human Digestive System 35
The Human Digestive System 36
The Human Digestive System 37
The Human Digestive System 38

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together