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Year 2 - Learning at Home



Our approach to home learning is continually adapting. The Class Teachers of Year 2-5 have all been adding narration to some of the PowerPoints for our lessons. Unfortunately due to the size of these PowerPoints we have had to split some of them into smaller parts so we can upload them to the school website.

Monday 13th July


Hello Year 2,

We are fast approaching the end of the school year and are feeling sad that we have all missed out on the opportunity to teach you for a full year due to circumstances out of our control.

However, we have still got lots to look forward to. Meetings for our final Zoom calls have been set up and we are now preparing lots of exciting activities for your transition day return.

A huge well done to all of you who took part in the virtual sports day last week. We can see from the photographs that you have sent in that you all had a great time completing the challenges.

This will be the last week of home learning before we break up for the summer break so we want to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and effort you have put into your home learning over the last 16 weeks of lockdown. We also feel it is important to also praise your parents who have done an amazing job of not only keeping you safe during these unprecedented times but also helping you with your school work whilst caring for your every need and even managing to take time out to make lots of fun and happy memories with you that you can treasure. Well done to you all!

Let us look at the home learning for this week:

English – There is a mixture of English revision sessions and there is a Y2 memories activity for you to complete. You can dedicate as many days as you like to each of these sessions.    

Maths – For maths this week there are 4 sessions of revision and The Mystery of the Missing Trophy for you to solve. There are also some additional resources you may find useful if you would like any further practise with different maths skills.

Science – You will be writing an information page on healthy living. 

Topic – The Big ‘5’ animals.

We are really looking forward to seeing you on the transition days planned.

Take care 

From the year 2 team.

Monday 6th July

Hello Year 2,

Well what can I say about the weather?!! Typical weather for our virtual sports day – it usually rains when we do our sports day! I hope you managed to get out a little to complete the 6 challenges. Have you inputted your scores via the link on the sports day power point? Remember it’s all about the taking part and team work, so don’t worry about your score – it all gets added together and it will help with our final score.

          Once again we have enjoyed seeing you during our weekly zoom sessions – it was nice to hear about the sports personalities that you had researched. It was interesting to hear about how these very talented people were motivated, they never gave up, they challenged themselves, learnt from their mistakes, took on advice and worked as a team. They sound just like us at Springfield! It shows that if you have a target or goal in mind and you practise it regularly, not being afraid of the wobble pit and you have a good try there is so much you could achieve. So reach    for the sky year 2, go for your goals and follow your dreams!

         Please note, there will be no zoom calls the week beginning 8th July due to our parent’s phone calls. We will have our final zoom call sessions the week beginning 13th July.

Your homework this week:

English – you will be writing an alternative ending to a traditional tale.

Maths -  you are learning about movement this week!

Science – you will be taking part in some experiments and activities related to personal hygiene.

Topic – you will be looking at African habitats and wildlife.

Keep up the hard work and remember the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it!

The year 2 team.

Monday 29th June

Hello Year 2,

Thank you for the lovely feedback we have received about the narrated PowerPoints and the Zoom calls. Producing the narrated PowerPoints was certainly different and involved learning new skills that we had not had to use previously. However, once we got started there was no stopping us and we have really had lots of fun making them for you.

Seeing you all and talking to you on the Zoom calls has been the highlight of our week.  Listening to you talking about your wonderful acts of kindness, made us feel so proud especially when discussing the wonderful things you have managed to achieve whilst under lockdown.

We are also so excited to have you all back for a transition day in July. It is going to be a great opportunity for you to meet your new Year 3 teacher and also a chance for us to see you once again and say goodbye to you all properly.

Please note that this week in the home learning you will all be given a wonderful opportunity to take part in a VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY from home. On Wednesday 1st July all children in Trafford schools can compete against children from other schools to gain points for their school. This event is organised by Trafford Sports partnership who will be collating the results for all the Trafford schools.  For more information about the event and the challenges please watch the narrated Powerpoint in the maths section on the home learning. Good luck everyone!

Let us look at the rest of the home learning for this week:

English – You are going to be writing an informal letter based on the text ‘The day the crayons quit.’

Maths – There are four sessions related to time with a fifth session dedicated to the Virtual Sports Day in which children will be practising time.  

 Science – This week you are going to continue to learn about healthy eating.  

Topic – You will be learning about Nelson Mandela and apartheid.  

We are really looking forward to seeing lots of photographs of you completing your six challenges for the Virtual Sports Day as well as everything else you have been doing.

Keep up the hard work,

From the year 2 team.

Monday 22nd June

Hello year 2,

It was wonderful seeing so many of you on Zoom this week. Hearing all about your lovely lockdown memories and finding out about new skills that you have developed really made us smile. You all demonstrated such beautiful manners while listening to each other talk and you shared your own experiences brilliantly. Your parents should have received an email detailing your zoom timeslot and the theme of this week’s chat, which is ‘an act of kindness.’ We can’t wait to catch up again and are looking forward to hearing about the ways in which you have been helping and supporting your friends, family and local community.

We hope you have been enjoying our new, narrated PowerPoints. We have produced some more narrated lessons for English, maths, topic and science. If you are having any problems accessing these lessons please let us know by sending an email to the year 2 inbox.


English – You are going to be writing an explanatory text about the life cycle of a frog. There are four guided sessions for you to work through which include; a comprehension, grammar work, facts to learn and time to write your non-fiction text.


Maths – There are four sessions dedicated to intervals of time and telling the time. The fifth session is a challenge session, where you can work through some of the addition and subtraction challenge cards. 


Science – This week you are going to be designing and making a healthy dessert to prove to Boris Johnson that not all desserts are unhealthy!


Topic – South African art.


We love seeing the work that you have completed so please don’t forget to send it to the year 2 email.

Keep up the hard work,

From the year 2 team.

Monday 15th June
Hello Year 2,


We hope that you are all keeping positive despite the news of not now returning to school this summer term. It can be easy to feel a bit down during these times, but we are really looking forward to seeing some of you on our video calls next week. Those children that have signed up by email to our video calls, will receive an email with the video link and time slot. You should receive this email at the beginning of next week. You will also receive information about what you will be expected to prepare to talk about for this call alongside your link email.


For this week’s work, English is split up into 4 sessions. For the 5th session, we expect you to continue with your writing and to make sure you edit and improve your work just as you would do in class. This week, when you do your writing, we want you to really think about presentation. We will be looking at this as you send in the photographs of your work.


Maths- The first two sessions consolidate your learning on fractions and there are a further 3 sessions for you to complete after this.


Science – Science this week is split into two sessions about healthy eating. The first activity is about food groups and the second session continues on from this about healthy eating.


Topic- For topic this week, it is split into two sessions. The first session is about the city of Durban in South Africa and the second session is learning about our twin school, Clarence Primary School.


On some of the PowerPoints you should be able to hear some narration. Depending on your computer, it may play automatically or you may have to look out for a speaker icon on each page to hear the narration. You may need to press F5 to get it into slideshow mode. Let us know through our year group email if you are having any problems accessing this.


Have a great week everyone.


From the Year 2 team.

Monday 8th June

Hello Year 2,

We hope you are all well and had a good time completing the fun activities last week. We have really enjoyed looking at the photographs you have sent in.

Please take some time to look at the class pages where you will not only see your own photographs but also those of your classmates and celebrate the wonderful things going on.

As we begin the 12th week of lockdown, some of you will have siblings who are returning to school and wondering why you are not. As the Prime Minister mentioned, he has a plan that gently eases the lockdown and that means a phased return for school children. We are hoping that all children will get an opportunity to return to school this academic year, if it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, we want to thank you for the effort and hard work you are putting into your home learning and ask you to continue to do the best you can whilst still enjoying the other amazing activities you are taking part in. 

This week’s learning activities are as follows:

English – comprehension skills

Maths – sharing, grouping and odd and even numbers

Topic – to learn about the human and physical features of Africa

I know, over the last few weeks, we have all enjoyed chatting to our classes on the telephone and discussing some of the wonderful activities the children have been taking part in. Hearing the children’s happy voices and knowing they are safe and well, was indeed a highlight for us all. We also feel that the emails that are sent in and having that contact with parents is really important too so please keep them coming in and remember we are here for you if you require any further help or support.

Take care, keep safe and have an amazing week!

Mrs Saleem and the Year 2 team

Monday 1st June

Hello Year 2,

We hope that you have had a nice week free from home schooling and feel a little more rested. The weather has been really kind to us too; it makes a big difference when the sun is shining. It is also good that from next week you should be able to see other members of your family you don’t live with which will be lovely for you. This week we have set you some fun activities to do with members of your family at home. Under our topic star you will find a holiday activities grid explaining 9 tasks you can choose from. There are 9 boxes outlining 9 tasks with links and activities to choose from using bullet points. Please choose 3 different tasks, making sure you have chosen from 3 different task boxes. Please note you only need to do one activity from each task box, you don’t need to do them all. If you want to do more you can but you don’t have to! On the grid there are links for you to use, these links can be clicked on or you may need to copy and paste it into the address bar on the internet. Some of the activities involve you handling natural resources outside in the garden or on a walk. Please make sure you keep yourself safe by washing your hands straight after and only picking things up your grown up allows you to. We are aware some people do not have a garden, please don’t worry all of these activities can be adapted. Underneath the holiday activity grid you will find any sheets you need and some examples to help you. During lock down the Platt family have been very busy doing some of the activities on the holiday activity grid so there are some photos of what Mrs Platt has been up to with her two boys. We hope you have fun with your family and please don’t forget to email us any photos or videos. We can’t wait to see what you have been up to.


Have another great week and enjoy the beautiful weather.


The Year 2 team.

Monday 25th May

Hi Year Two,

Well done everyone for successfully completing a full six weeks of home schooling! The Easter holidays seem a distant memory but we have now come to what we usually call the ‘Whit Holidays.’ We think you and your families deserve a well-earned rest so there will be no home learning this week. For next week, we will be uploading some fun activities to complete as a family so please look out for them week beginning 1st June. If there is any work you need to catch up on or revisit please feel free to do it this week, otherwise, have fun doing your own thing! It looks like the weather is going to be nice this week so enjoy yourselves. Thank you very much for all of your wonderful photos you have been sending in, it has been nice to see what you have been up to. Photos have been uploaded onto our separate class pages so please take a look so you can see what your friends have been up to.


Thank you very much for all of your support and co-operation at this time.


We hope you have a lovely week recharging your batteries.


The Year 2 Team

Mrs Hancock - Together we are a Team

Still image for this video

Monday 18th May

Hi there everyone!

I hope that you are all well and still smiling. I cannot believe the change in the weather recently, last week one day we had the paddling pool out enjoying the hot sunshine, but then the next day I needed my woolly hat on as it was so cold and windy!! I hope you are still managing to get some fresh air outside either in your garden or, if you can, further afield safely with your grown-ups. Some of you may be using your computer or games console a little more, please make sure you keep safe online. Parents -  the thinkuknow website below has excellent resources to use for how to stay safe online including parent and carers help sheets and home activity packs (please note the activities are optional, this is just a guide for you).

I hope fasting is going well for our families who are observing the month of Ramadan. I hope you enjoy celebrating Eid al-Fitr on Saturday. Under our well-being activities star there is a Ramadan Kindness Challenge sheet if anyone wants to have a go, it gives some nice thoughtful ideas and activities to do at home. You will also find a Meaningful May Action Calendar which also gives ways in which we can look after ourselves and each other at this time, some nice discussion points. These all link to Mrs Hancock’s challenges she is posting too! Remember these are all optional, just ideas for you.

This week’s learning activities are as follows:

English – to write an informal letter

Maths – multiplication

Topic – to learn about Africa

Remember to be kind to yourself and others, be patient, be positive and keep motivated!

Mrs Platt and the Year 2 Team.

Mrs Hancock - Support and Care

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May

Hello Year 2, 

I hope you are all keeping well. It has been wonderful receiving all of your photos showing us how you have been celebrating VE Day. Lots of you have been making bunting, baking, learning WW2 songs, making medals... the list is endless. Don't forget, if you do have any photos of your learning that you would like to share with us, you can by sending them to

The staff at Springfield have been busy making a message for you, to keep you motivated and to show you that were thinking of you. You can watch the video by following this link:

This week's learning activities are as follows:

English - to identify and use different sentence types

Maths - to add and subtract two-digit numbers and tens

Topic - to know the continent and oceans of the world

Keep safe, keep smiling and keep reaching for the stars.

Miss Bolger and the Year 2 Team


Hi everyone, it’s Mrs James here. Miss Bolger has kindly allowed me to add a little bit to her letter this week. I hope that you and your families are all well. I’m missing everyone so much, but it has been lovely to be able see the pictures of what you are all up to at home.

We have been so lucky to have lots of sunshine, so I have been out in my garden trying to beat my children at badminton – they tell me that I need lots more practise though! I also keep looking out for the ‘Superheroes of Sale’ on their daily runs – I’ve not spotted any of them yet, have you?

We are starting our new geography work this week – I hope you enjoy travelling round the world from your sofa!.

Take care everyone, look after yourselves and your families. I’m looking forward to when we will see you in school again.


Mrs James

Monday 4th May


Hello Year 2,


How are you all doing? I hope all is well with you and your families. It has been so lovely seeing all the fantastic activities you have been doing at home. Your time capsules have been amazing and will form an important part of history where you will be teaching children of the future about what it was like to live in our world at this moment in time! Please keep sending these photographs in as you complete them and any future work you would like to share with us to


As time passes, it can be more challenging coping with staying at home. Just to let you know, more activities have been added under the Wellbeing Star so if you think they would be helpful to you take a look.


This Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE day. We will be celebrating 75 years since the end of World War 2 where we will remember members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy along with key workers who worked hard on the home front to keep Britain going. Our English and topic activities this week will be based around VE Day celebrations.


Other activities for this week are as follows:


English: To read a PowerPoint about VE Day and then complete a reading comprehension about VE day

Maths: White Rose Summer Term Week 3

Topic: A choice of activities with a VE Day focus

Spellings: New list - see spelling section


We are all missing you and we look forward to seeing you back at school soon. I hope you are continuing to look after yourselves in the meantime with exercise and making sure you are being kind to yourself and others as well.


Take care everyone




Miss Gilmore and the Year 2 Team

Monday 27th April

Hello Year 2,

We would first like to start by saying a huge thank you to your families for sending in pictures of your completed home learning tasks using the Year 2 email ( We have really enjoyed posting these pictures of you on the school website for your classmates to see and it has also given us so much pleasure to see the work you are producing.

Secondly, we would like to wish our Muslim families a Ramadhan Mubarak as the month of fasting starts.

This is the 5th week of lockdown Year 2 and we are trying really hard to find lots of different and exciting activities for you to do at home.

This week’s activities are:

English: To watch a film clip and write a setting. (Please send in pictures of the completed work)

Maths: To learn the properties of 3D shapes

Topic: To make a time capsule of History being made. (Please send in pictures of the time capsule)


So, what has Mrs Saleem been up to? Apart from spending most of the day on school work, I have (since I last wrote to you) been trying out different things at home. I have completed some of the Tik Tok dance challenges, I have spent time with my husband doing some gardening and I have really enjoyed playing scrabble online with my daughters - even though they always win. It would be great if you could also tell us what fun, new activities you have tried.

Please continue to work hard on your home learning but also make time for regular exercise, some ‘My time’ to try something new and some fun family time as well.

We look forward to seeing lots of pictures of home learning going on this week and other exciting things you have been up to.  

Take care, keep safe and smile lots!

Mrs Saleem and the Year 2 team

Monday 20th April

Hello everyone!

Wow! I cannot believe that it has been four weeks since we were at school! I hope that you are all keeping well and safe at this unusual time. I have been kept busy at home - my boys have discovered toys that they haven’t played with for a long time and we are particularly enjoying listening to the birds’ songs in the morning and spotting all the birds in the garden. Callum’s favourite activity at the moment is building dens anywhere he can! Did anyone take part in the Big Little Tent Festival last Wednesday?!

Now I hope you are enjoying your time at home, spending time with your family but please be kind to your grown-ups. They will be experiencing changes to their routine too – as well as caring for you and working, they now have to be a teacher! You can still use our school values at home – we support and care for each other, we challenge ourselves to learn, we are motivated to achieve our best and together we are a team.  Have a little think about how you can do this at home. During your time at home, please think of one or two acts of kindness you could do – say thank you, give your grown-up a hug, don’t argue with your siblings, maybe help set the table or tidy up a little. What else can you do? Parents – be kind to yourself too! Any photos of acts of kindness or of anything you have been up to at home can be emailed to us to We have enjoyed seeing your Easter photos, you can see them on our individual class pages.

Your activities this week (under the subject stars) are:

English: Apostrophe for possession.

Maths: Summer 2 Week 2 on the White Rose link.

Science: Continuing with our learning ‘Exercise and Healthy Living’ you will be learning about different types of germs and how to keep yourself safe from them.

Spellings are added weekly underneath the English tasks under the English subject star and useful links are regularly added on the relevant pages so keep looking and scrolling down for new ideas.

Remember please look after yourself and your family and try to keep your body and mind healthy by taking time out to rest, trying some yoga or exercise and maybe having a go of some mindfulness colouring.

Take care and keep smiling.

Mrs Platt and the Year 2 Team.

Monday 13th April

Hello Year 2, 


It's Miss Bolger here. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and that you have not eaten too much chocolate. After looking in our Year 2 inbox, I have seen that lots of you have been busy creating Easter crafts; cakes, eggs, bonnets, pictures and they all look wonderful. What a talented bunch you are! 


If you would like us to see the work you have been doing, you can now send us an email to Within a few days, your teacher will get back to you and your parents. We will also be uploading lots of these photos to our class page so you can see what all of your friends have been getting up to while learning at home.


With the weather being so lovely, I have been getting out in my back garden as much as I can. I have been doing workouts, reading, gardening and listening to Mr Braye's live music too. Did some of you do Easter egg hunts in your gardens? 


Your activities this week (under the subjects stars) are:

English: A reading comprehension on the life cycle of a chicken.

Maths: Summer Term - Week 1 on the White Rose link.

Science: Continuing with our learning 'Exercise and healthy living' you will be learning why exercise is important. 


I hope you are all keeping well, supporting your families and trying to complete your home learning as well as you can. I am really missing seeing you all. Make sure you keep safe and keep having fun this week. Please send us lots of photos to show us what you are getting up to. 


Take care and see you soon, 

Miss Bolger and The Year 2 Team

Monday 6th April 


Hi everyone!


It’s Miss Gilmore here. I just wanted to write to you to say how much I am missing you all and I hope that you are all doing ok. It is a very strange and difficult time for you guys not being able to go out and play like you usually do and not being able to see the people that you really miss. I just wanted to say hang in there. You are all doing an amazing job and we are all really proud of you.


We really hope you have been working hard to complete the work we have been setting for you as I’m sure your adults will be really keen to tell your teachers how hard you have been working on the activities when we next see them at school!! It is a tricky time for your parents too, with many of your parents trying to work from home as well as looking after you so be kind to them and think about how you can be helpful to them this week 😊


I’ve been keeping very busy whilst away from school. My daughter is at home with me at the moment and we start our day with a Joe Wicks PE lesson as it helps me feel ready for the day. Joe Wicks is a little tricky for my daughter yet, but she has been inspired by him and is now learning how to jump!!


Are you still keeping up your exercise? It is really important to do this to keep both your body and your mind healthy. As part of your task this week, I have uploaded a wellbeing questionnaire for you to complete about how you are feeling at the moment and for you to plan exercise into your week. Try to answer these questions on your own and then discuss your answers with an adult or adults once you have completed the questionnaire. You can find this questionnaire under the Wellbeing Star. I have also uploaded some mindfulness colouring for you to do, if you choose.


Other activities for this week (resources under subject stars):

Topic -Easter Craft Activity

English: Write instructions on how you made your Easter item

Maths: Week 2 on the White Rose link

Wellbeing: Questionnaire discussed above and optional mindfulness activity


Have fun this week. We will upload an email address where you will be able to send any photographs in to us of your Easter craft and we will upload these to our website so you can see what each other has been up to!


Take care everyone and see you all soon!


From Miss Gilmore and the Year 2 Team 😊




Hello Year 2,

I hope you are all well and looking after each other while you are at home.

We have been very lucky with the weather this week and it seems to have made us all happier and also made us appreciate our surroundings more.

Whilst I have been working from home, I have tried to keep myself as active as possible and I have been joining in with Joe Wicks daily workout. I hope you have been taking part too?

The Year 2 team have been working hard and they have been uploading new resources onto the ‘home learning’ website on a regular basis to ensure that you are all able to keep up with your learning at home because that is really important to us.

We have uploaded your next set of weekly activities to complete at home but please remember that it is really important that you keep practising your spellings and times tables (you can use ‘Ed-shed spellings’ and ‘Times table Rockstars’ website to do this as well).

We are aware that some of you are struggling to get onto some of the websites that require a login. Please let us know if you are and we will do our best to sort it out for you at our end.

Please take care of yourself and keep safe but most of all keep smiling.

We miss you all very much!

Just a few words for you to remember this week:

                             I think I can

                             I know I can

                             We think you can

                             We know you can

Mrs Saleem and Year 2 team

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our ‘Home Learning’ page.

This page has been set up to help our children to access learning from home after the announcement of school closures by the Prime Minister on Wednesday 18th March 2020. 

We feel it is important that our children continue to learn and thrive during these difficult and uncertain times.

Please check these pages on a weekly basis for information regarding home learning.

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our parents for their continued support and wish everyone a safe and quick return to normality (whenever that maybe).

Year 2 Teachers



Home learning

Children can use these websites on a regular basis to keep skills sharp in reading, writing, maths and other subjects.

(We will provide them with logins)

Ed shed is a website children can use to help them learn spellings - Spellings 1&2. Some people are having difficulty logging into Ed shed - please don't worry, you can still practise the weekly spellings that we are regularly downloading onto our English page.

(We will provide them with logins). The children can access lots of interactive resources for GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), Maths, Reading and History.

This website has a learning pack for Year 2 children to download and work on at home. 

Children already have logins for this website and can practise their times tables at home.

Children already have logins for this website and can access lots of areas to work on at home to develop their computing skills with cross curricular links to English, maths, science, art and topic. Purple Mash are currently running weekly activities for home learning:

This website has relevant videos, activities and fun games for children covering all subjects of the curriculum.

This website has fun maths games to play on the iPad or laptop, linking to maths curriculum objectives.

We all love Percy Parker to hep us learn our times tables!!

Topmarks have some very good Maths games for children to play.

ictgames also have some useful activities for Maths and English.

Edinburgh zoo have regular webcams to watch the animals from your own home.

Chester Zoo have regular virtual zoo days, keep checking their website. Previous tours can also be seen on Youtube.

Nice art ideas to do at home.

Great ideas to keep the children and the whole family entertained.

Some more art ideas for the home.





Keep children active:


School Games Area Profile Page  - (various resources including the YST PE at Home and 60 second challenge cards)


The Greater Sport Active Partnership website -

Click on Active Home for family friendly activities to play in the house or garden and Activity Booster to create your own active work out to music.

PE with Joe Wicks stream live on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning 

Joe Wick's 5 minute move 

A HUGE range of yoga and mindfulness activities suitable for all ages.

A range of active games and challenges with a Disney theme, some for multiple players.

A range of easy to follow active learning videos covering topics such as division, times tables and number bonds.



Discussing the Coronavirus with children


How To Talk To Children About Coronavirus

A new book has been written, explaining the Coronavirus, especially for children.



Websites that can help give some structure to home learning when children need a boost.

Multilingual Resources For Families

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together