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Y4 Rooks

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I would like to say a huge thank you for all of your generous gifts.  It has been a pleasure to teach these children, they have made my first year at Springfield one to remember!

Making Sculptures

Making Sculptures 1
Making Sculptures 2
Making Sculptures 3
Making Sculptures 4
Making Sculptures 5
Making Sculptures 6
Making Sculptures 7
Making Sculptures 8
Making Sculptures 9
Making Sculptures 10
Making Sculptures 11
Making Sculptures 12
Making Sculptures 13
Making Sculptures 14
Making Sculptures 15
Making Sculptures 16
Making Sculptures 17
Making Sculptures 18
Making Sculptures 19
Making Sculptures 20
Making Sculptures 21
Making Sculptures 22
Making Sculptures 23
Making Sculptures 24
Making Sculptures 25
Making Sculptures 26
Making Sculptures 27
Making Sculptures 28
Making Sculptures 29
Making Sculptures 30

In our Art lessons, we have been learning about the Swedish sculptor Alberto Giacometti. We have used his style of art to design and make sculptures using foil and wire.  Can you guess what action each figure is performing?

Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders 1
Ear Defenders 2
Ear Defenders 3
Ear Defenders 4
Ear Defenders 5
Ear Defenders 6
Ear Defenders 7
Ear Defenders 8
Ear Defenders 9
Ear Defenders 10
Ear Defenders 11
Ear Defenders 12
Ear Defenders 13
Ear Defenders 14
Ear Defenders 15
Ear Defenders 16
Ear Defenders 17
Ear Defenders 18
Ear Defenders 19
Ear Defenders 20
After learning so much about sound and how it travels, we investigated materials that would block sound and be suitable for ear defenders.  We each made a hypothesis and then put this to the test (making sure we conducted a fair test of course!)
At the end of our World War Two History topic we used our DT and Science skills to plan, design and create our very own World War Two vehicle. We had to make sure our model had a working circuit with a switch to light up a bulb, looked like our design and be neat and well presented. We also had a challenge to make our vehicle move, using a working axle.

During British Science Week, we all became "Fixperts".  We had to design and create a product that would help people with a problem they face in every day life.  


We worked together as a team.

We used simulation to understand the problem.

We used creative designing skills to solve the problem.

We were motivated to achieve our best and eagerly implemented our ideas.

We evaluated our designs and made improvements as needed.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
For world book day the children dressed up as their favourite book characters.  We told each other why we liked particular books and participated in a very successful book swap!


Taxes 1
Taxes 2
Taxes 3
Taxes 4
Taxes 5
Taxes 6
Taxes 7
Taxes 8
Taxes 9
Taxes 10
Taxes 11
Taxes 12
In PSHCE, we have been learning about money and taxes.  We pretended that we were in a political party and had to decide where the tax payer's money should be spent in the country!  There were lots of great discussions and we had lots of fun presenting our ideas to the class.

String Telephones

String Telephones 1
String Telephones 2
String Telephones 3
String Telephones 4
String Telephones 5
String Telephones 6
String Telephones 7
String Telephones 8
In our Science lessons, we have been learning all about sound.  We made our own sting telephones to understand how sound waves travel.  We had lots of fun experimenting with the tightness of the string and if we could be heard around corners! 

Learning all about the life of a child in WWII in History, Year 4 pupils were all ready and raring to go to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters to find out even more.

First, children put themselves into the role of an evacuee as we walked through the shelters. After a rationed WWII lunchtime, children were ready to visit the museum. At the museum,  children dressed up and learnt about the home life of families living during the war period.

Overall, we had an amazing trip and all the children were superbly behaved demonstrating all the Springfield Values – Well done, Year 4.

Last week in Year 4 we had lots of fun learning about the all new Springfield Values.

We took part in lots of different activities such as drawing and team building, these activities helped us to understand what each of the four values mean.

We hope as a class and as a school to demonstrate these values every day and show what being a member of Springfield Primary School actually looks like.

Miss Brame, Mrs Stevens and Mrs Gresty would like to thank all the children, parents and carers for the lovely Christmas presents and cards we have received. We are really grateful for your kindness!

Finally, we would like to end the Autumn Term by wishing all the children, parents and carers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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We had a fun day filled with lots of Christmas crafts, songs and joy!

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts 1
Christmas Crafts 2
Christmas Crafts 3
Christmas Crafts 4
Christmas Crafts 5
Christmas Crafts 6
Christmas Crafts 7
Christmas Crafts 8
Christmas Crafts 9
Christmas Crafts 10
Christmas Crafts 11
Christmas Crafts 12
Christmas Crafts 13
Christmas Crafts 14
Christmas Crafts 15
Christmas Crafts 16
Christmas Crafts 17
Christmas Crafts 18
Christmas Crafts 19
Christmas Crafts 20
As we approach the end of the Autumn Term, we would also like to say a 'big thank you' to the children for their wonderful effort and excellent attitude they have shown in their school work and behaviour in and around school. They have been an absolute delight to teach. 
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Year 4 Christmas Party!

Year 4 Christmas Party! 1
Year 4 Christmas Party! 2
Year 4 Christmas Party! 3
Year 4 Christmas Party! 4
Year 4 Christmas Party! 5
Year 4 Christmas Party! 6
Year 4 Christmas Party! 7
Year 4 Christmas Party! 8
Year 4 Christmas Party! 9
Year 4 Christmas Party! 10
Year 4 Christmas Party! 11
Year 4 Christmas Party! 12

In our Science lesson, we learnt about conductors and insulators. Children were asked why crocodile clips weren't made out of butter and why wires weren't made from wood. From this discussion, we investigated materials that were good conductors of electricity and bad conductors of electricity.

Investigating conductors and insulators

Investigating conductors and insulators 1
Investigating conductors and insulators 2
Investigating conductors and insulators 3
Investigating conductors and insulators 4
Investigating conductors and insulators 5
Investigating conductors and insulators 6
Investigating conductors and insulators 7
Investigating conductors and insulators 8
Year 4 are learning about Electricity in science this half term. As part of this topic, children were given a variety of materials and asked to construct their own switch. Children discussed how switches work in groups and then began to experiment with the materials provided. Children created a variety of switches.

Creating Switches

Creating Switches 1
Creating Switches 2
Creating Switches 3
Creating Switches 4
Creating Switches 5
Creating Switches 6
Creating Switches 7
Creating Switches 8
Creating Switches 9

As part of anti-bulling week, Year 4 children created some amazing acrostic poem on the topic “RESPECT'.

Choose Respect Poems

Choose Respect Poems 1

What an amazing time was had by all in Chester on Tuesday 16th October!


Year 4 learnt what a tough life it was being a Roman soldier. Armed with battle shields, they marched as soldiers under the ‘strict’ instructions of an experienced legionary to the Roman amphitheatre. Children watched in horror as a gladiator fight took place between Miss Brame and a daring child but we are glad to report that no-one was hurt.


Children were also organised into the testudo or tortoise formation that was a type of shield wall formation commonly used by the Roman Legions during battle. The excavation site that the children visited, gave them an insight into how evidence from the past is obtained.  As well as all of these fun activities, the children were allowed to visit the museum and the role play room.

Roman Trip

Roman Trip 1
Roman Trip 2
Roman Trip 3
Roman Trip 4
Roman Trip 5
Roman Trip 6
Roman Trip 7
Roman Trip 8
Roman Trip 9
Roman Trip 10
Roman Trip 11
Roman Trip 12
Roman Trip 13
Roman Trip 14
Roman Trip 15

Year 4 Rooks demonstrating in school what they have learnt from completing their science research homework. 

Children were asked to use salt dough to produce a model of their teeth and then discuss why the teeth were different shapes and link to the functions of the teeth.

Some children went onto to complete the challenge and discuss why other animals have different teeth according to their diet. 

To help us write our dilemma stories, we acted some scenes.  This drama lesson really helped us to think about the problem and consequence in our stories.  There are some brilliant acting skills in 4Rooks!

Dilemma Story

Dilemma Story 1

In science, we have been learning about food chains.  We discussed what we thought a food chain might look like and then arranged a variety of producers and animals into food chains and food webs.

Food Chains

Food Chains 1

We would like to say a huge welcome to all our pupils, parents and carers to Year 4 Rooks.


A great start we have had with children creating a Class Charter that outlines rules that will help Year 4 Rooks to learn better in our class environment.

Class Charter

Class Charter 1

We have started the Autumn term learning about the human digestive system in science. We all had fun conducting a hilarious experiment that demonstrated digestion with a class of slightly nauseated school children, a pair of tights and a potato masher!

The Digestive System

The Digestive System 1

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together