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Weekly Home Learning Activities

Please have a look at our suggested learning activities each week. We know that you have lots of wonderful ideas for learning activities of your own, and we would love for you to continue with those. Please do continue to share your photos on Tapestry, and if you are happy to share your photos with the rest of Reception, they can also be emailed to the Reception email address, for sharing on the web pages.


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Summer Home Learning Week 6 - Minibeasts
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This Week's Topic: Minibeasts (Week 6):

'Minibeasts' is the term we use for all creepy crawlies in primary school (including six legged insects and spiders, snails, etc.)


Here are some suggested stories you may want to share linked to minibeasts (if you don't have a copy, many of them will have been narrated on Youtube, or you could look at Mrs Bagshaw's story on Tapestry)

Picture 1


This Week's Topic: Life Cycles

Suggested Stories:

If you don’t have access to these books, many of them have been narrated on Youtube (or by Mrs Hindley on Tapestry!)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Oi Frog  - Kes Gray 

Tadpole's promise - Jeanne Willis

10 Magic Butterflies  - Danica McKellar

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar - Sheridan Cain/John Tickle


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