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Please remember that in order to ensure the children are safe online, an adult needs to be working with your child. This will prevent accidental access to unsuitable content and ensure that the activities are appropriate for their age. Also - talking with your child as they work will support their language development at the same time!

BBC Bitesize - Preparing for school

The BBC website has some great ideas and top tips for preparing for Reception. It is definitely worth having a look at the short clips that just outline some of the ways that you could help your child in preparation for moving up in September. 

This information may be useful in addition to the information and support that you will receive from school over the coming weeks.

Lots more ideas and crafts for home...

This website provides 50 more ideas to do at home as you learn together. It's worth a look!

Click on the link below.

Singing rhymes and songs together

The BBC has a great webpage with lots of familiar rhymes and songs to sing along with. The children will know lots of the songs and could learn some more as they explore this page with you. The A-Z page has all of the songs listed individually and the counting songs are very helpful for reinforcing number skills through song.

Please click on the link below.

EasyPeasy app

The EasyPeasy app is a great opportunity to have games and play ideas sent to you on a daily basis. I have registered and feel that the content is very useful and will support you if you are looking for additional ideas and games to play while at home. It has a focus on 'school readiness' which of course is crucial at this stage of your child's development.

Registration is simple and the link is posted below. 


Working online - Purple Mash

This site is used regularly in Reception and it would be great if your child could be familiar with using it in preparation for next year. There are lots of activities and learning opportunities that your child would enjoy - 

Please use the 'MiniMash' section for a range of suitable activities

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Stay active everyday....

Set aside time each day to be active  - either inside or in the garden if possible. Any type of physical activity will be beneficial for maintaining your child's health and fitness.


The links below may be useful  - in addition to your own ideas!

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