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For this week’s work, we would like you to think like a character who has been locked away; in a way like we have during lockdown. You could choose Rapunzel, who has been locked away in the tower by the witch, Zane from Ninjago, who gets locked in Master Chen’s Noodle factory or an imaginary character that is locked away somewhere.


Helpful tips:


  • If your child is one of those who finds writing challenging, encourage them to use the strategy of 'holding their sentence' in their head before they write it down. Ask them to repeat their sentence back to you before they write it down.
  • Printing out the sound card below for your child to use when sounding out unknown words may help them with this.                   i.e. 'light' - 'l-igh'-t'.
  • It's tricky for children to remember all the elements of writing especially when in 'the flow' of things. Always encourage them to re-read it to check it makes sense.
  • If they're really struggling adapt it. Maybe encourage them to only write a simple sentence or a few words. We know how tricky it can be to get them writing! It won't all be spelt perfectly - we just want them to have a go!



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