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Tasks 4 - 5

Tasks 4-5:


Fact file. Can you create a fact file on hot and cold countries? Maybe make a leaflet or poster with interesting facts or information you have learnt about hot/cold climates and the animals that live there.


Questions to think about and answer:

· What is the equator?

· What and where are the poles?

· What is the climate like near the equator?

· Can you name some countries near the equator?

· What countries are close to the poles?

· Where would you choose to live and why?

· What animals live in hot/cold climates?

· How are these animals adapted to suit their environment?


Extension: Get the animals out of your boxes, can you make appropriate homes for them to live in or rest near? Can you build an igloo out of sugar cubes or small boxes? Can you make a palm tree for a camel to shade from the sun underneath with a toilet roll and some leaves from your garden.

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