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Task 2

Make and design your own game!

What game will you create?  A times tables game? Number bonds to 10 board game? You are the designer and can choose how it should look, the rules of the game and, the most important part, how to win!

Try and think carefully about the challenges on your squares.  Will you add some number challenges along the way?  For example if you land on this square you have to do an addition sum.

Make Your Own Board Game At Home!


Remember your game must have:

Rules - think about these carefully as you will have to explain these to your family.

rules example… here

How will you win…this could be the first person to reach the finish square.

Think about how your design can be eye catching and fun.

Mrs Gardner’s game that she made with a little help from her son Charlie - I even made my own counters.

Mrs Gardner made a number bonds to 10 game. 
To win - this will be the first person to get to the finish line.

Roll the dice and move that number of spaces. 
You must answer the number bond challenge that you land on to stay on the square- otherwise go back to where you started. 
Watch out for the snakes- you have to slide down these. 
Look out for the ladders - they will help as you can climb up those. 

Board Game Examples

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