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Tasks 4-5

Tasks 4-5: Memories of lockdown...


Since being locked away, Rapunzel has really enjoyed making lots of memories like playing, painting, baking, singing and dancing. She’s been keeping a photo journal of everything she’s been up to, to help her remember all the fantastic memories she’s made.

What memories do you already have of your time at home? What are your favourite memories so far? How are you recording your memories?


Maybe you could take some photos and share them with your Year 1 Teachers ( Or make a scrap book or even write a short story about your time at home.


Write a letter to Rapunzel, to Zane, to your teacher, to your friend to tell them all about how you feel, what you have been up to and what you are missing since being “locked” away at home. You can use a template provided or just a piece of paper which you can decorate. Can you photograph it and send it to your teacher.

Additional idea:

WITH permission from your grown up can you make yourself an assault course that Ninjas can get through?  Maybe use toilet roll or string.  Be very careful we don’t want any accidents.


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