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Task 4


To celebrate the end of WW2, people held large street parties.They decorated the street using bunting and flags. 

Task: Can you have a go at making your own bunting or flags (There are some links below if you need inspiration or a template) and then decorate your room/house ready to have your own VE day party?

Task: Can you write an invitation to ask someone to come to your party?

What food will you serve?

Will you ask people to wear red, white and blue?


Think about the vocabulary you would need to use to persuade them to come; Come and eat our tasty, delicious chocolate cakes and sweet and juicy strawberries and cream.

(there are some templates below, but you can be as creative as you want to be)


Take photos of your Street Party and Home to share with the rest of Year 1.

Task: Now that you have learnt about VE day, can you make a poster to show all the things you now know?


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