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Task 3

Task 3:


Have a read of the information on animals who live in cold climates and complete the attached activities.


Get the animals out of your 'Cold Country' box, is there anything special about them that makes them adaptable to their hot climate?


Extension: Draw a picture of one of your animals in the middle of a piece of paper and note down around the edge features of this animal that make it suitable for its climate (E.g A polar bear- white so it is camouflaged from predators, thick fur to keep it warm).






Andy's Wild Adventures - Series 1: 7. Chinstrap Penguins - BBC iPlayer Andy's Wild Adventures. Series 1: 7. Chinstrap Penguins. Preschool wildlife series. Andy takes Kip on a wild adventure to see chinstrap penguins in the Antarctic.


Have a go at: Once you have drawn a penguin have a read of his story ‘Blown Away’ or if you don’t have the book at home watch it here,

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