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Task 3

Task 3 – An introduction to backgrounds and characters…


Log into your Purple Mash account. Click on your ‘2Do’ icon and select ‘Free Code Chimp'. This is different to the Chimp lessons because you have the freedom to create your own programs and you can design the look and add the objects to the program.


You are going to be a programmer and design and make your own simple game!


Before starting your code, you need to think about what your game will look. This is called the design stage of the coding process. What games have you played on before? What games interest you?


Just like pages in a book, a game needs to have a background image. Click on ‘background image’ to add a particular background or change colour.

HAVE FUN BEING A PROGRAMMER! Use your coding skills that you have learnt to create your own game! Remember if you make a mistake you can de-bug your code by clicking on it and solving the problem.


Remember to save your work by clicking on the ‘save’ icon when finished.


I cannot wait to see what ideas you come up with!

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together