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Task 2

Find a recipe book in your home and have a read of a recipe in there.  What does the recipe start with?  Are there any pictures?   Is it a paragraph of writing or is it short sentences? Do the instructions start with bullet points or numbers or something different?  


Choose with your grown up what you are going to make, make a list of all the ingredients you will need (remember our fridges and cupboards aren’t quite as full as usual so you may have to use different ingredients to what you planned to use). 



Play the following game to learn about things we should do in the kitchen to keep ourselves safe and so we know how to do some of the skills we are going to need whilst cooking: 



Extension: Can you think of a list of adjectives to describe the ingredients you have chosen for your recipe? i.e. crunchy carrot, juicy tomato, mouth -watering pear, sour lemon, sweet strawberries. 

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