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Task 2

Have a think about “Bee and Me” or watch it again.


Questions to think about and talk about (you do not need to write the answers, but this will help you to sequence the story)


  • What happens at the beginning?
  • Where do you think the story is set?
  • Who is our main character? Can you give her a name?


  • Why do you think the bee comes back?
  • What does the girl do to help the bee?
  • What does the bee dream about?


  • Where do they go?
  • What do they do and why?
  • After the seasons have passed, what happens next?
  • How does the story end?

Task: Orally retell the story, using the storyboard and add some of your ideas.

Sequencing template- choose one of these, do not use both

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