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Task 2

Task Two – Rule of Law.


Choose a favourite board game to play with your family.


What are the rules? Why are the rules so important? Where else do we have rules that you can think of? Discuss with your grown-up (school, clubs, swimming pools, play centres etc). What would happen if there were no rules?

Choose two of the books below to listen to...


 'Burglar Bill' – Ahlbergs

 'Mr Creep the Crook' – Ahlbergs

 'The Red Flag - Josh Learns About Rules' - Deborah Chancellor

Burglar Bill Part 1

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Burglar Bill Part 2

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Mr Creep The Crook - Ahlberg

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The Red Flag; Josh learns about rules.

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Activity – Design a ‘Wanted Poster’ for either Burglar Bill or Mr Creep. Where was he last seen? Use adjectives to describe what he looks like. i.e. large blue eyes, wavy brown hair, very tall etc. What is his personality like? What was his crime? Who should they contact if they see him? Is there a reward?


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