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Task 2

Task 2- Introduction to Block Coding on a screen…


Today we are going to be coding on the computer/tablet using blocks of code.


Click on your ‘2Do’ icon to select ‘Fun with Fish’

Click on 'Design' to view the fish that you will be controlling.


You need to give the computer clear instructions for moving the fish. The available actions for the fish object pop-up as soon as the fish is dragged into the code window. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, click on the direction again and select the correct one.


To work through each challenge, click on 'Next challenge' until you have completed the tasks set.


Step 4 is a challenge step to deepen your understanding of using code. Think about how you can improve the fish tank. Use ‘When clicked icon’ in your code to add other codes to improve the tank.


Once you’ve completed these challenges remember to click the ‘Save’ icon to submit your work.


Now you’re ready to click back on your ‘2Do’ icon. Find the bubble activity from yesterday and follow the video tutorials to complete tasks 2-4.


When completing challenge 4 be careful with the naming of the different coloured bubbles –if they were all called ‘bubble’ then it would be very confusing. It is important to give each object a sensible, useful name.


Challenge – Can you go into Design view and add more bubbles? See if you can tinker with the sound command?

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