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Help Mrs Hindley!

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The Reception teachers have bought this beautiful book for their children to enjoy in the reading area, but it does not have any words in it!

Can Year 1 help by writing the story for them, so that they can enjoy it too?

This is a story all about the life cycle of a bee and introduces the concepts of conservation. Watch the video again and start to think what the story would be like if there was a narrator (someone telling the story)

The structure of a story

When a writer begins, they have to think about the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.

The start of the story sets the scene and introduces the characters.


In the middle, the story unfolds, there might be a problem or a challenge to overcome.


The end of the story tells us what happened at the end, it finishes any of the challenges that happened and might hint to what will happen next.


Think about how stories start and end and how an author links them together (which connecting words do they use?). Have a look at your own books to see which ways the authors have structured their stories.


Task: Create a bank of story starters, connecting words or conjunctions for the middle and endings for your story.

Sentence starters, connecting words and endings

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