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Task 1

Task 1: What are e-books?


Find a favourite book from your bookshelves at home. Look at the links below of different 'e-books'. Have you read an e-book before?

Which ones do you prefer, e-books or paper books? What's different about the e-books? When would you read a traditional paper book? When might you read an e-book?

Now look at the Purple Mash e-book example below...
 Think about how the animation can make the story more interesting and how the sound effects can help the story to come to life!

Log into Purple Mash and click on your '2Do' icon.

Open up your '2Create' a simple story (see below). Can you use the paint tools to create a character? Maybe Rapunzel or Zane? Or Perhaps choose your own? Once You've created your character don't forget to type their name in the text box below the image. Can you click the 'save' icon to save it? Once saved don't 'hand in' until you've finished your tasks over the course of the week.

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