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Task 1

Task 1 – Making a character move left and right.


For this task, we will be designing a scene for a program and using code blocks to make the characters move automatically when the ‘play’ button is pressed and also make another character move when clicked.


Find some of your favourite story books in your house. Look carefully at the backgrounds (settings) and characters.


Can you design a simple scene? Think of characters that would fit into the scene (see examples below)

On a piece of paper draw your scene design.


Think carefully about what code you’re going to give them to get them to move automatically when you press play. How will you make a character move when it is clicked? Annotate your plan to show what code you think you will input…

Now log into Purple Mash and click on your ‘2Do’ icon. Using ‘Free 2Code Chimp’ again create your scene using the ‘design’ button that we learned about during last week. Use your hand-written design to help you.


Can you now enter your code using your plan to help you? If you make a mistake have a tinker and try to de-bug your code. Can you make your code any better?

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